UI scale/ button resize setting

Hello IFC
I’ve been seeing alot of big button issues on support so I’m here to propose an idea

So let’s say your buttons are big (big in a way your not used to or really big)
But the only way you can fix it is if you go into settings and mess around with the font and screen zoom settings. But the problem is it will change the whole phone.

So my proposal is to have that type of setting in the game already.

For example:

Bobby Robbie likes he’s buttons big so he went into the game settings and decided to changed it

Bobby Robbie is now happy

But Robbie Bobby likes he’s button a bit smaller
He also went into the game settings and changed it

Robbie Bobby is now happy

And they can also enjoy button size and also have the phone the same size.

Thanks for reading also have a good day/night

i own the screenshots/pictures