UI missing

Ok so I got this notification on my iPad some stupid Apple thing but when I clicked ok I resumed the flight and tried to put the autopilot in for my next step climb but the UI was not there, I did not have the Interface time out on. This has happened several times. 3 to be exact all in long hauls.

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Leave the app and come back, it should bring you to the pause setting, then just resume your flight

I have had the same exact issue with the UI completely disappearing in replay mode over multiple separate sessions. I have to close and reopen the app.

The status bar and airplane controls still won’t reappear

Do you have a return gesture in IOS? On android it works well with the button

I have an Android. But I should stop hijacking this thread and let Seb get to this topic. My issue just sounded similar.

So like in a flight everything jut disaperes like all the spoiler flap gear and trim, Along with the NAV systems and AP. its in the middle of a long haul flight not in replay mode and I don’t know what return gesture in IOS means.

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The issue is with other applications popping in, not directly with the sim

The only others apps I have open are IFoperations and IFassistant.

My bad I meant notification

I didn’t even have other apps running or any notifications pop up. I don’t have many apps either, and my phone is a flagship capable of running a few apps simultaneously. I didn’t exit the app either, just while looking through replays the whole bottom bar disappears. And I’m guessing OP’s issue is similar but during a flight, where the buttons for controls disappear as well. All I could see and interact with was the area of the screen with my plane and the scenery.

Oh it says something like Google can not identify Google.Caledner I think. But it should not impact the app

Yeah I see exactly what you mean but I don’t know how to help with the ios ecosystem

Pretty sure you just hold your finger and made the UI dissappear

No it was sure a glitch, I tried holding my finger down. But thanks for the help, this sounds like a separate issue.

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