UI Issue

  • B77W ACA
  • CYVR to CYYZ
  • IPhone 6s Plus
  • IOS 11.1.1
    Unable to resume flight due to UI issues. Unable to exit flight. Note: there were some WiFi issues at the time, although having a working internet connection.

(How do you upload a video? I can show you the issue then.)

To upload video you’ll need to use a 3rd party system like youtube and just put the embed or link here to view.

Is there an other way of doing this?

There is not a way to directly upload to IFC currently, a quick google search may help you find a quick way to upload.

Should be over here. I’m not sure if it shows the file though.

@Boeing773ER I believe that there is an iOS Update ready for your device with some minor bug fixes. Might be a good time to update your OS and reinstall Infinite Flight afterwards. Also, if your internet connection isn’t stable then this could compound the issues you are having.

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To record a video, open up the Control Center (swipe up from bottom of home screen and you should see a couple of circles. That’s the recodring button. Click it to start the recording and when you’re done, click it to stop. It’ll save to Photos.