UI gaps on screen

I got a new device and I noticed that the UI does not fit the screen of the device. I will add some images so you can see. I would say this is a fix that the devs have to do.

Device: iPad Air 4 running on iOS 14.2

From the images you’ve provided, it looks normal to me.


If you check the sides you can see gaps and from what I remember on my older device there wasn’t any.

If you were previously on a cellphone, then it will look more elongated. However, the stretching is normal as it is fitting to a larger screen. Everything looks fine to me as well. The small gaps there are normal as well

Yeah, that’s normal for any iPad. Not really an issue.


There is an offset for the device’s rounded corners and the bottom bar for accessing the home screen/multitasking. Older devices didn’t have the offset because the screens were rectangular and we could fill them without content being cut off


I wish my screen didn’t have curved edges 😥

Oh ok, didn’t know that. Thanks for the clear explanation Cameron. My old device had the rectangular edge and I didn’t know there would be an offset with rounded edge. This can be closed, thanks.

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No worries, happy to explain :) enjoy the new device!

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