Uhhhh a big bird ig

Plane: A350
Server: expert
Flight time: guess correctly and u get a cookie :)

Yes im not good at captions or whatever u wanna call it

mine is the seggsiest

ok Qatar takes the dub on this one :/

my jiografy is telling me that this is the Palm >_>

GA 😐

nice lineup tho

mars :0

just for the fun of being extra :)

back on stable possibly parallel approach

they finna kiss 🥺

damn caught u lackin tho📸😐


Looks great! I would say about 50 minutes, but with vectors I would say nearly 1 hour 10.

Also, you are one photo over the limit, just remove one and you’ll be good!

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It a big beautiful bird…

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Hour and a half take the cookie for telling me about the 11th pic tho ;)

Dang, 20 minutes off? Anyways Ill take the cookie, and your welcome about the 11th photo.

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1 hour and 10 min? guess lol

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Just to be clear I didn’t see ur comment before writing this ^^^

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u took 58 mins

Half an hour off lmao

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U get a cookie