UH-60 Fly-in

This weekend, i’m going up to west point for a scout jamboree. On Saturday, a UH-60 is going to fly-in. Does anyone know what ATC frequency it will/might be on? Is there some thing that I should know about it? Does anyone have any comments about it? I would really like to know about the ATC frequency though.

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If we are flying VFR and outside of a controlled airspace we normally just have the freq tuned up to them but no real calls are made. Does west point have an airfield?


I don’t believe so, the UH-60 is landing in a big field

Then they probably won’t be up any freq. Also army uses FM but we use VHF radios. So it all depends which is coming.

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Ok, thanks!

Turns out (I asked the pilot) that they have 2 Garmin VHF radios, and 1 FM radio. They were using the VHF radios, and were on a frequency (I forget what it was called, and I didn’t ask what the exact freq. was) that said that was like a UNICOM.

Yea we call it CTAF ( Common Traffic Advisory Freq.) Basically just what VFR uses to know the whereabouts of other traffic.

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Here are some images @Chris_McNulty

I’m sorry for the excessive amount of images


Thoughts on the pictures?

The overhead panel resembles the Dream)liner somehow…

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I have a video of it landing, and a video of it starting up, and a video of it taking off, as well as some pictures after it left, but the file can’t be uploaded onto this community, so i’m probably going to end up uploading it to youtube, and putting the links to the videos in this post thread.

So is it an UH-60, my friend?

I was told that it was a UH-60

Ok I did some searching… The -60 is longer as compared to the -72 so this is actually the -72 as @speedbird203 said… But no worries, everybody makes mistakes :)

Ok! So, it’s a UH-72?

Yeap! The difference is quite easy to spot hahaha

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H-60 is the Blackhawk. This is the newer helo which is replacing the Kiowa UH-58. I fly in the Navy’s version of the H-60.

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Ok! Here is the link to the videos of it on YouTube, please like it (if you want).

So you agree this is the UH-72 as well? :)

I put UH-72, because you explained to me how it is a -72, and not a -60. When I was talking to the pilot, I forgot to ask if it was a UH-60 or not, because I just assumed that it was as -60.