Ughh problems please help

Ok so, I have been flying in IF with a joystick for about a week now, and everything was working perfectly. I had all my buttons assigned to something. One thing i noticed was that i never needed to assign a button for the throttle because my joystick ( Logitech extreme 3d pro ) has one built in. It worked perfectly up until now. I was getting ready to taxi at EDDF when my throttle wasn’t going up or down. My connection was perfect, 3 bars of Wifi, and Full connection to live flight connect. I even tried disconnecting from live flight and re opening it but that didnt work. Can someone help me???

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P.S. I am trying to uninstal then reinstal

never mind i fixed it

As the live flight connect website says
"As of 26th February 2020, Live flight connect is no longer officially supported "
It also says that support for any issues will not be provided.
If you got it working great if not I don’t think anyone will be able to fix anything inside the app

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it wasnt even an issue with live flight. Live flight was working fine, i got it working though

Was it something with the joystick?

yea i believe so. I was setting a control in the commands setting, and i think i clicked the throttles command, and then the throttle on the joystick stopped working