Uganda Airlines CRJ-900

What is Uganda Airlines?

This company started in 2018. They are a revival of the Uganda Airlines brand that went bankrupt in 2001. The company currently operates 4 CRJ-900 aircraft. They also have 2 A330-800neo aircraft on order. They are a very new airline, only having their first flight in August of this year. I personally don’t think we have enough airlines from Africa, especially on regional aircraft. I think this would be a great edition to Infinite Flight.

I agree. I think that this would be an awesome livery to add!

Thats a really nice livery. Cant wait to see how it looks on the 330neo.


Here is a render of what it will look like from Airbus, but the real thing will be a lot better.


I guess they know da wae.

I really hope to see this livery sometime. Even though it is eurowhite.

Eurowhite is the industry standard these days, but at least they kept it interesting using the colorful Ugandan flag on the tail. Airlines like Lufthansa and Iberia have much more bland liveries even with the same concept.

Saves on paint costs.

That livery is sweet! Let me try and free up a vote.

That’s a nice request! Love to see real new liveries for the CRJ Series. More diversity in regional carriers is always awesome.

Yes Yes Yes please id love it!!!

Giving this a bump! A great addition to the CRJ fleet as well as the African fleet in IF!

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The cabin lighting was really cool.

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Bump! We need more African liveries!

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