Uganda Airlines A330-841

Airbus A330-800neo - Uganda Airlines

Fly the Crane to the Pearl of Africa

Credit : Olivier Hoarau | Flickr

About A330-800neo

  • Launched : 14 July 2014 at Farnborough
  • First Flight : 6 November 2018
  • Engines : Rolls Royce Trent 7000

  • Overall length : 58.82m
  • Fuselage width : 5.64m
  • Wing span : 64m
  • Height : 17.39m

  • Max seating : 406
  • Typical seating : 220-260

  • Range : 8.150nmi (15.094km)
  • Maximum Mach Operation : M 0.86
  • MTOW : 251 T
  • MLW : 186 T

About Uganda Airlines

Founded on January 30, 2018, Uganda Airlines is the flag carrier of Uganda. It starts its operations on August 28, 2019 (Entebbe - Nairobi)

The airlines plans to move to Hoima International Airport still under construction to make it the main hub and expand its network.

With a fleet of 6 aircraft : 2 A338 and 4 CR9. Uganda Airlines deserves 12 destinations : Bujumbura, Kinshasa, Mombasa, Nairobi, Mogadishu, Johannesburg, Juba, Dar-es-Salaam, Kilimanjaro and Lusaka.
They plans to add International routes like : London Heathrow, Dubai, Guangzhou or Mumbai


I really love the tail section of this livery.


This is a very nice livery! African liveries are great, including Rwandair. I really hope to see this once the A330 neo gets enough operators to be added into the sim!


Also, there is a typo, be sure to fix it 😉


Fixed thanks ;)

Air Senegal would also be great


Maybe you should wait until the A330neo variant is added, which will be a long time from now.


IF has surprised us many times like the 777 update with the 300ER, 200F and 200LR variants
I hope to be surprised with the A330 update even if I don’t believe in it too much.
It’s also highlight a little known airline.


But I doubt the neo variant will be added in addition to the A330-300. It is more likely that the A330-200 will be added in a future update after the release of the A330-300 rework.

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that is one beautiful livery, i will vote if we ever get NEO’s added to the game but wow !!!


… And my quest to bump A330neo’s from Africa begins! >:)

What a magnificent livery, would love to see the addition of a new East African livery in Infinite Flight.

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What a good surprise to see the A330neo comming in a new update

I really hope they will add this beautiful livery

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Unfortunately they’ll be adding the A339 and not the A338 as it’s unpopular irl so this livery wouldn’t make it unless Ugandan invests in the A339 in the next day which probably won’t happen :(

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Yeah I just checked, oh well. Hopefully they’ll add it on the future.

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Agreed, it’s a really great livery!

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this livery is fantastic also with the addition of the neo we might see this.

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@aowor you will like it


If they announce A338, my vote is guaranteed, currently out of votes :(


Uganda Airlines A330-800neo what did on go to Seattle what happened?