UFO sighting by myself

From my house that light is incredibly bright. Not like anything I have seen
Also soon after, my TV malfunctioned for a while


UFOs aren’t real.


That seems like a star, and if it’s not a star, it’s probably Venus.

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By UFO, are you implying it’s an airplane or E.T.?

You are posting to many ufo lol

Said who.
Oh you mean that “Alien” side of things. I don’t believe in aliens either but my country (the I.R.I) doesn’t develop many aircraft so it’s kinda weird

That looks like a glitch in real life. Okay that was a bad joke…

@CptNathanHope ufo’s are real (Uknown Flying Object, Duh). Aliens might be real to but we don’t know.

I agree with @Samuel123abc .

What country do you live in?

I don’t believe in ET but the I.R.I doesn’t develop aircraft so maybe it’s a fighter or something.
NOTE: this thing is incredibly fast so it’s not venus or a star

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And it’s not noisy. It kinda reminds me of those things seen in the show “NASA’s unexplained files”

Where do you live at what country

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It can be a sister planet passing by :P

For me it’s a star.

By UFO does he mean a alien ship as in the UK that’s what we class UFO’s as or a Unknown aircaft?

It’s probably a Charizard :)


If he wasn’t talking about alien UFOs, then there would be no need to say this.

I said multiple times
1_I live in Shiraz Iran
2_I don’t believe in ET

The UFO can be a plane or just a star. Your TV malfunctioning maybe it’s because it’s old or someone pranked you.

actually, I found out the tv failed because it was internet-connected and the internet failed.

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