UFO Flying to Australia?

Found this article in the news earlier. Pretty strange.


@AR_AR is at it again… :P


It’s not alians if it’s anything it’s Russian Military… There is some kind of Supersonic Aircraft…

It’s probably some top secret fighter or other military aircraft. Remember, the SR-71, U-2, and the F-117 were all kept a secret for about 15 years. It looks like it was using afterburners. If it was aliens, why don’t they want to come and talk to us?image


It’s all BS…


They say most ufo sightings are man made military testing things without the public knowing

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The video in nz looks like they spotted a blimp. Then there’s some kind of a flight tracker error

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Its the Illuminati.

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I saw it and I just passed it off as a jet fighter

Well the aircraft registration is ZKGDG (going to confirm that). Does anyone know anything about this registration?

It’s a glider!
Some body’s being silly

Its the new world order coming to rule us all, prepare yourselves!
Just kidding, aliens haven’t reached earth…yet…

Well that what they said the aircraft registration was in this video.

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