UFC Charters! KLAS (7-5-20)

Hello aviators! I’m here with a new layout for all of my new spotting threads! Enjoy :)

The day after independence day is when I had the chance to go spotting but for a special reason. A UFC charter flight from Abu Dhabi was going to arrive at 1:30. With my luck, i was able to watch it along with around 40 other spotters.

The first arrival was a JetBlue A320 in the Blueberry Livery that says “Let The Blue Times Roll”. Unfortunately i got this one in a little lower quality as it arrived from Long Beach.

The next arrival was a Frontier Flower the Hummingbird from @den.aviation

The beast itself! The Etihad 77W! This big boi with its nice sounding engines had a really hard landing. Ryanair Style. Its also a UFC charter for the new “Fight Island” in Abu Dhabi that you can read more about here! It also shows pictures of the cabin and flight if you scroll a bit down.

Here are my images!

My friend also had a video of it’s landing, not a landing i’d expect…

I decided to move to my cargo ramp spot to get some closeups for 20 minutes.

Here is a Southwest 737 taxiing out to 26R inbound for Albuquerque. He did indeed wave but it was 3 seconds before I could take the shot :(

Next up is a Spirit A320 taxiing to 26R for Baltimore! He gave me the stare down but didn’t wave.

Here is a Delta Connection E175 for SkyWest headed to LAX! No wave because he couldn’t see me since he decided to put his 25 inch checklist on his left window. So i just took the tail shot.

The A320 Spirit once again but with a tail shot instead!I got that ugly heat haze because its 110 degrees outside. Please don’t ask how i survived.

I end this topic with the E175 Delta Connection behind the Spirit :)

Unfortunately, i have big sad news for @anon38496261 and @Robertine

No birbs wanted to fly in this beautiful 110 degrees :( So no pictures unfortunately


Awesome pics! I thought the Etihad was a cargo flight but thanks for clarifying it.

And dang, that’s a terrible landing.


Indeed! Etihad is the UFC Charter for all over the world and will be flying to lots of locations 🙂

That landing was rough! Remind me of mine, great shots!

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That landing… ouch!!!

Great pictures :)

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John Oliver was right. UF-SEA is much cooler sounding.
Sweet pics though!

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Some really, really cool pictures! I especially like the close-ups. Thanks for sharing!

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Really good pictures. What camera was used?

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Those are some nice photos!

And that landing was not the best!

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I use a Canon Rebel XSI

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Never seen anyone slam dunk a 777 before.


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