Udeme_Ekpo’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ KPBI [PASSED WRITTEN]

Hello guys, I’m starting to apply for IFATC and I am in the final process of becoming IFATC. I have taken the written exam and failed the first time. I studied hard by taking practice tests for two weeks and retook the exam and passed. So I am ready for the IFATC practical exam. So I would like to start controlling tower and ground in order to prepare for the practical exam to become IFATC. So come join me and fly some patterns and behave properly. Thank You

Status: Open

Airport: St. Louis Lambert Int’l Airport (KSTL)

Server: Training

Time: 30mins

Runways in Use: RWY 12R/12L

NOTAMS: Please be aware of pattern altitudes. For propellers, the altitude is 1000 FT and for jets is 1500 FT. Have fun and enjoy yourself on this pattern work I will be controlling.

Point of focus: Pattern Work


Hello! How long will you stay open?

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I will stay open for 30 minutes.

I’ll try to be there, currently flying on another ATC Tracking Thread.

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Is it open?

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I’m coming right now. I’m sorry I was waiting for a response

Coming in now, if it isn’t too late.

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It’s not late. You can come

Thanks for coming @nicopizarro. Please leave me feedback on how well I did so I can improve next time. Thank You and have a good night

Thank you for the service. I was CC-NPR and I have some feedback and advice for you.


(See below for advice regarding each situation)

  • [23:42z] - Unnecessary on-guard for CC-NPR.
  • [23:44z] - Unnecessary “Please wait for clearance before landing!” for CC-NPR.
  • [23:46z] - No pattern entry for CC-NPR.
  • [23:46z] - No traffic direction on clearance for CC-NPR.
  • [23:52z] - Unnecessary “please check assigned runway” for CC-NPR.
  • [23:55z] - No pattern entry for CC-NPR on runway change.


  • On-guarding an aircraft should be used for critical situations where the aircraft that’s not in your frequency may interfiere with your controlling or nearby traffic. CC-NPR was just taking off from a nearby airfield, no need to on-guard.

  • Since CC-NPR was on transition at 3,000 ft, there was no need to send that command even though he was flying on runway heading.

  • During pattern work, controller must always issue a pattern entry for inbounds and runway changes, regardless if the aircraft is #1 for the runway.

  • A traffic direction must be given for runway changes, take-off (remaining in the pattern) and inbound for T&G clearances. However, this are only needed for the first T&G/departure on the runway. If the aircraft has already took-off from that runway, a clearance with no traffic direction would proceed.

  • In close parallel runways (mainly), it’s very difficult to identify on which runway the aircraft is trying to land. Avoid sending “check assigned runway” unless you are completely sure that the pilot is aligned with the wrong runway. Also, keep in mind that pilot may overshoot the localizer on tight patterns, which doesn’t mean they are landing in the incorrect runway.

Solid Points:
Transition Altitude.

Good job on your first session! Still some details to work on prior passing through other challenges that you may face on your IFATC practical. Overall, good ideas of pattern management concepts, but I feel that you were a bit nervous which led into some over-controlling here and there. It will be interesting to see you working with more aircrafts, looking forward for that.

Let me know if you have any doubts here or by sending me a PM, I’ll be happy to help.


@nicopizarro. Thanks for the feedback. I will do better on the next session. I will control KMIA tomorrow for one hour and have more planes

Ah, just missed you by the looks of it, well, I’ll keep an eye out for you tomorrow!

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No worries, I will do an ATC tracking thread for KMIA tomorrow with 5 or 6 planes for one hour on training

Thanks for the feedback, Nico! And thank you to all who are able to help out Udeme when open.


Good luck on your journey!

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Later on today, I will be controlling Atlanta as the third city because that was where I used to live before I moved back in 2009. So Atlanta is the next city to control. So come by and do some patterns. So I will need five to six planes to spawn in at maximum to do patterns.

Status: Closed

Airport: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Int’l Airport (KATL)

Server: Training

Runways in Use: 9R/9L

Time: 2021-05-19T22:40:00Z2021-05-19T23:40:00Z

NOTAMS: Please follow all instructions as I am preparing for the practical exam.

Thank you @Smile760981

@nicopizarro, I am open in KATL for some pattern work

Hey Udeme,

just an FYI: KATL Can be very confusing for doing pattern work. I suggest opening airports with 2 parallel runways or intersecting runways ;)

Hope this helps a bit

I’ll drop by in 15 min

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@JetSuperior5192, I am about to go ahead and close this tracking thread already so sorry. I need to get flying.

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