Udeme_Ekpo’s ATC Thread - [OPEN] @ KMIA [PASSED WRITTEN]

Hello, this is my second ATC controlling for today. I will be controlling for one hour at KMIA this time. The last time, I controlled KSTL, which is my hometown (where I was born) and now controlling my second hometown which is where I live. So come and do some patterns in order for me to prepare for the practical exam. When you finish, leave me some feedback so I can do better the next time.

Status: Open

Airport: Miami International Airport (KMIA)

Time: 2021-05-19T15:40:00Z - 2021-05-19T16:40:00Z

Runways in Use: 8R/8L

NOTAMS: Please have fun and follow all instructions and leave me some feedback

Server: Training


hey next time you’re open, @ me please! cant make it to this session but would love to pop up and do some pattern work while your open :)

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@JulianQ, I will control KATL tomorrow when I am available. So you can come and do some pattern work


Thanks for the services! Everything was spot on from my side, apart from forgetting to give me the pattern direction after my runway change, but i think you already figured that out. Hopefully you ll be able to build more traffic in your future sessions in order to properly evaluate your skills

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How long will you be open ?

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Hey @Udeme_Ekpo,

when is your practical test? So I may come if I have time :)

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Oh shoot, I have already closed KMIA ATC. You can come to the KATL one to do some pattern work.

I am not sure yet. I want to get some more practice and I will let you know when I am taking the practical exam.

No worries. Feel free to tag me when you open

Hello Udeme!
Please continue your ATC openings on your previous thread, since it’s not necessary to create one for every time you open a new airport; just edit the tittle and information on the thread linked below.


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This topic will close once your session is complete. No big deal. ☺️

In the future though, please utilize one single ATC Service thread. Best of luck on your session. I’m on my way!


Are you still open? If so, coming in now :)

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I am coming in 10min too :)

Looks like you are closed, feel free to tag me when you open.


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