Uber Air Trials | Would you take an Uber Air Taxi?

Uber Air Trails | Los Angeles, Dallas and Melbourne

Uber recently announced that they are going to begin trials for Uber Air Taxis in 2020, and plan on the first commercial flights for the public in 2023.

Three cities have been named as the cities where the trials are going to be taking place; Melbourne, Los Angeles and Dallas.

I personally believe this would be an amazing idea for the future if organised and implemented correctly. They plan on being the same price as an UberX, and one of the main reasons behind this idea for Air Taxis is to make the roads less congested.

Considering we all know what Los Angeles traffic can be like, it would be interesting to see the outcome and the effect that it has on road congestion in LA once the trial begins.

What’s your thoughts on Uber Air Taxi? Do you believe it’s a good idea, and would you ever use one?


I think this is a cool idea for Uber in a way. For as geeks like myself, I’d love to catch an Uber Air Taxi! My only concern is that the pricing would be very expensive I’d assume.

So, are they just going to train normal civilians to fly a plane? Sorry, no thanks. Not trusting that with my life.

Saw this this morning. Looks great! My only concern is that they want to start test flights next year but they haven’t even got a firm design yet…

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I don’t think so. Here’s what the article says;

Whether the first Uber Air vehicle will be piloted by a human on board or remotely, or via an autopilot is still unknown. This will depend on the required levels of safety set by CASA.

* CASA is the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (Basically Australia’s FAA)

Yeah have to agree with you on this one. Seems to me, that it’s a bit all over the shop at the moment.

Hopefully they get a firm design set in the near future.

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It would be the same price as UberX. So slightly more expensive then your normal Uber, but not insanely overpriced.


Uber Air Taxi?

Sounds like something that’s come way too early in this century.

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In Melbourne I think

Yeah Melbourne, Los Angeles and Dallas.

It’ll be a fun way to get to the airport though. Maybe even good for a handy bit of spotting.

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Ooh I do like that idea

Don’t really like the idea as you never know if the pilots had a bad day, also dose that mean you could go from Dallas to Los Angeles and finally on to Melbourne in one trip at the low price of $10,000?

The last part was a joke

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Dought this will happen seems very unrealistic.

Uber seems to be heavily invested in air travel. They have recently been testing helicopter rides in New York.

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