Ubaid1's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hello everyone,
Iv been playing Infinite Flight for quite a few years now and have recently wanted to join IFATC. I’m creating this thread to help me improve my skills! I’m quite new at ATC so please give me feedback to help me improve!
Currently open at Marseille (LFML)
Training server

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Hi guys,
Ill be closing in about 20-30 mins so please feel free to join.

Hi guys, I wanted to do one more session before i do a flight so please join at EDDM!
Would love any feedback

Ill be opening EDDM around 13:30 or 13:45 GMT on the training server.
Please join and do some patterns!!

Oh. Sorry I can’t come now. But I can find some people to join😊

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That would be awesome! I’m gonna open once I land in Sydney which is in about an hour!

Hi, im currently open at EDDM! Please drop by!
feedback will be highly appreciated
cheers #atc

hi, Im open at LFBO on the training server.

I would so come but I am in the middle of a flight Sorry

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Thats no problem! I haven’t had much success on this tracking thread tbh loool

Im open again at LFBO, please join for some patterns and feedback! much appreciated

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Hi guys,im open at Hong Kong. feel free to drop by!

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Its quiet here at VHHH, come join for some patterns!

Thanks for the service! I was T-AIPEI, and my observations are below. Timestamps are attached for easy reference in your replay, and you can click on each timestamp to be taken to the corresponding explanation.


  • 2106Z – Left downwind for 7L would have been a better choice than right downwind for 7R.
  • 2106Z – There was no direction included in my option clearance.
  • 2112Z – Left downwind would’ve been the best pattern entry for my runway change.
  • 2112Z – There was no direction included in my option clearance.
  • 2118Z – Unnecessary pattern entry for left downwind on 7L.
  • 2123Z – Unnecessary pattern entry for left downwind on 7L.
  • 2127Z – Left traffic on 7R would have been better for G-BOAT so that you could switch him to 7L on upwind.
  • 2127Z – G-BOAT received an unnecessary pattern entry for right downwind on 7R.
  • 2128Z – My exit runway instruction was a tad early.


  • Before opening an airport, be sure to consider the surrounding terrain. Here at VHHH, 7R/25L should be avoided for pattern-work because of the mountains on downwind. Since I’m unable to fly a standard pattern on 7R, the best course of action would be to put me on 7L and avoid any interactions with that right downwind leg.

  • Whenever an aircraft calls inbound for landing/T&G or requests a runway change, your first clearance towards them will need to have a direction attached (assuming they’re remaining in the pattern). For example, “T-AIPEI, #1, runway 7L, cleared for the option, after the option, make left traffic.” This ensures that the pilot knows what direction to fly after their T&G. A helpful way to remember this is if you gave them a pattern entry, they’ll need a direction on their clearance as well.

  • When aircraft are flying patterns, all you need to send is a sequence (if applicable) and a clearance. If there’s no one to follow, all you need is a clearance. Pattern entries do not need to be sent every circuit – just when they call inbound or request a runway change.

  • Try to keep runway exit instructions between 60-70kts GS for jets and 20-40kts for GA aircraft. Mine was just a bit too early.

Overall, I think you did well for someone without much ATC experience. Keep on reading the manual and opening up your tracking thread, and you’ll become a professional in no time. Please let me know if you have any questions, I’d be happy to assist. Good luck on your journey to IFATC!

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Hey there, I was G-BOAT!

Overall on the ground frequency you did well, all the things that one would expect you did!

You told me to “Enter Right Downwind” I was already in the pattern so this was unnecessary, should only be used when one is entering the pattern or a runway change

My landing clearance was given a way early, I was not even at the end of the runway when you cleared me. This should ideally be given on crosswind or downwind.

2nd time around, you did good! Good pattern entry for my runway change although once again my landing clearance might have been just a little early.

Rest of the pattern went well I would say.

Once I landed, you did not give me my “Exit Runway” command until I was at 30 knots and already turning. Ideally this should be at 60-70 knots.

Good ground clearance to parking

Overall, I would say you are good for ground frequency, on tower your timing on some things was either early or late, try to get ideal times on these would go well for you.

I hope to see you as a fellow member on IFATC in the future!

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Hello @TaipeiGuru, Thank you so much for your feedback! It absolutely helps me with my IFATC journey.
Regarding your feedback, when i was watching “the perfect ATC test” it showed that aircraft taking off at an L OR R runway and flying in the pattern would have to make right traffic if flying out from R or Left traffic for L. I was thinking of sending you for left downwind because of the terrain but i wasn’t too sure so i stuck to what was said in that video. But that does make sense to send via left downwind for 7L. May i ask what you mean by “There was no direction included in your option clearance”?
Also I sent out exit runway as every time i land at expert im told almost immediatlyh to turn left or right and contact ground haha.
But thank you so much for your feedback! im hoping you join for more!!

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Thank you so much for your feedback!
In terms of the exit command as you were cleared for the option i wanted to make sure that you were indeed coming to a full stop before i gave you any command!
Your feedback is much appreciated and i hope to see you in IFATC soon and more in my atc tracks too!

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At airports with little to no terrain, you would be correct. However, since Hong Kong has those mountains on 7R/25L’s downwind, the optimal direction would be to have pattern-work overfly the water instead, meaning that 7R departures would make left traffic and thereafter be moved to 7L.

By direction, I’m referring to the “…after the option, make left/right traffic” part that you might hear in option clearances. This tells the pilot which direction to go after they’ve completed their T&G, and should be included with clearances if the pilot has just called inbound or requested a runway change.

You can find an example of this at 13:02 in the video you mentioned, when Tyler clears G-2326 for the option. 2326 had just requested a runway change, which is why that direction was included.

Sometimes controllers will issue this sooner if they need you to expedite your runway exit (such as when there’s traffic on short final). When possible, however, we try to stay under 70kts GS as the pilot needs to execute their landing and shouldn’t be interrupted during this critical phase of flight. :)

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Ah ok i understand! I’m still new to all of this but I’m sure ill get the hang of it! don’t be shy to join more of my exceptional atc tracks ;) lol.
But in all seriousness thank you!!

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Hi guys,
Im open at Hong Kong (VHHH) on the training server. Please drop by!