Ubaa’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

Hey there! I will be open at KSEA for a while

Departing runways 16L

Arriving runways 16R/16C

Hope you guys can join!

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I’ll stop by!


Me too!


That was some seriously good controlling there.
Good timing of instructions. 👌🏼
Pattern entry for runway changes.👌🏼
— it is good practice to give a takeoff direction with the first ‘cleared for the option’, just to avoid confusion. Especially handy after a runway change. Not mandatory I believe.
Re-sequencing for 16L with G-UMMY, well done. I was quicker than him in my fighter, and you accommodated.
— I believe I missed the sequence GUMMY after you put me before him. Did you just clear him for number 2? Sequence needed first!
Transition altitude of 3000. A bit on the high side, but good, as my flightplan indicated I wasn’t going to cross right across the field.
No new landing clearance after full-stop.👌🏼
Go-around well done.
Landing clearance after (my second) full-stop (for 16C). 👌🏼
Exit and cross - beautiful.💪🏼

See you in the IFATC team soon, no doubt!

Have you done your theory test?


Sounds good!

Thanks to everyone who joined! I am now closed!

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I will remember to sequence before, I gave you 3000 as the transition altitude because the airport elevation + 2,500 is 2,932 so I rounded up to 3,000. I will also remember not to clear again after full stop command! 😁

Also, I haven’t done my theory test, I want to get a little more practice in first! Thanks for your feedback I appreciate it

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I’m open at VTBS for a bit come and join!

I’m closed now! Sadly no one joined lol

Hey everyone I will be open at KBOI for a little bit, anyone is welcome!

Runways in use are 10L/10R

Feel free to tag me

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im coming now!!!

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Sure I will remember that!

On my way 😉

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Ok see you soon!

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Transition was good at 5500 feet, well done!

Would have been better to give me an ‘extend upwind’ command and have me enter right downwind instead of left downwind for Runway 10R

Missed my runway exit, not everyone calls full stop so be aware of that!

Not sure why you told me to exit Runway 10R left instead of right, would have made it a lot easier for yourself if you had made me exit right

Pretty decent overall and I wish you luck on future atc sessions :)

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Hi there!
Here’s the feedback from (HA-BIL):

•Late Exit Runway

•I was said Full stop . But try to focus on what you do. Give me a “clear to land” is the best one.

• When in the last pattern. I ask to change runway 10 R. You give me pattern " Enter Left base runway 10R "
After that you give me clearance on 10L. More focus bro

•I received twice clearance in the pattern!

• Just give it @Cooper_Marcukaitis taxi and “give away aircraft” Command!

That’s it


Thanks everyone for your feedback! I will definitely write notes so that I can improve next time I appreciate it!


Nice controlling!

This is like the only thing I would really say. Also, I was going to taxi back to 10R, so don’t give commands too early.

Otherwise, amazing job!!!

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