UAV - unmanned aerial vehicle - military

here Is something you probably never see. UAV in Afghanistan.

I was attached to a special unit that would conduct random raids. I was to be posted within a 15 km distance to have this UAV fly over the raid site for a recon. here are some pictures of the run up that we do and what it is. This was way back in 2011 on my first rotation in.



Man that’s the stuff that I can only dream about photographing outside of a museum!

Thank you very much for your service to the USA and protecting us and the people around the world from possible damage that the people you were fighting could have inflicted 😀


How long can that thing fly for

It can fly up to 2.5 hours of a full charge. it has a radius of 20km. It has an auto pilot feature to where I can set everything up on a computer and let it roam itself. its quite impressive. but I cannot tell you much about it. Secret squirrel stuff ;)


I salute your soldier and that’s a great piece off machine you there

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Oh gotta love those things. They lost connection so much and would crash into an afghans farm. Always loved having to go retrieve them on the red side of the marking stones. 😅

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HAHAH for real though!!! I only had one bird do that thank god.

Can’t say I FULLY support the war effort but that’s pretty awesome! Thanks for the share :)

Yeah the location I was at, which I’m sure you’ve at least flown through, it probably wasn’t the best idea to be using them in the first place. Way too much interference.