UAS Kmax 2.0

They are back! The Kmax UAS.
Initially used for the US Marines to test a project in Afghanistan for a few weeks, the program ended up doing 9 tours, flew over 17,000 hours and carried over 7 million lbs, there was only one incident during this time, one had a crash on final, pilot error was ruled out.


Honestly sounds like a beast, but it’s kinda ugly 🤷🏼‍♂️

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It is a beast its also the worlds quietest helicopter!

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Ok what is that thing! It’s ugly but looks like it’s got some good work done!

Its a Kmax, its primary goal is to pick up and set heavy things down

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That’s one thin bird.

It looks, interesting. But I like how it’s quiet and the cargo it has already carried.

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