UAE20 Engine Failure + Emergency Landing

Emirates flight 20 a Boeing 777-300ER was enroute from Manchester to Dubai was cruising at FL370 over the Netherlands when the crew were alerted to a high oil temperature on Engine Number 2 therefore the crew took the appropriate action to shut down and secure the engine. It was decided that the aircraft will divert to Amsterdam (EHAM) so action was taken to set up the diversion.

Due to the aircraft being 11 Tons over Maximum Landing Weight, a fuel dump was executed while the aircraft was inbound on the ILS for 36R. As the aircraft approached the ILS, Captain Zak configured the aircraft for landing using Flap setting 20. Due to the aircraft being unstable on approach, Captain Zak decided to execute a Go Around and therefore climb to FL50 and attempt another approach.

It was decided that the best runway to land on was RWY 36R. Therefore Zak configured the aircraft for another attempt. Around 5 minutes later, Zak successfully touched the aircraft down on 36R. Although firm, the landing was successfull. All 236 passengers and 18 crew landed safely with no injuries. The passengers will spend a night in a hotel before continuing to Dubai tomorrow.


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Who else thought this was real at first


Great stuf, I like this. Have done it once as well.

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Professional and realistic at the same time!

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