UAE-Kuwait send a lot of flights per day

This topic describe the high amount of flights per day UAE-Kuwait
Please post down if there is like this b/w 2 countries or airports…

Fly dubai Fly 9 Flights per day

Emirates fly 8 Flights per day

Kuwait fly 2 flights per day

Al Jazzera 4 flights per day


Air Arabia fly 3 flights per day


Etihad fly 5 Flights per day

Kwuait Fly 1 flight per day

Total is 31
Ps Have i missed a flight? PM me


Where is jazeera?

Kuwait airways 2 flights and jazeera 4 or 5 if i remember

For Dubai i said

Sharjah and abu Dhabi are correct

This is Dubai to Kuwait all…

Mine is UAE (All) to Kuwait

I know I am just helping out so if you missed any, you could add it…

Dubai to Doha have too a lot of flights

people that have GCC Nationality can travel in Gulf Area without passport, thats why there are a lot of Flights

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I was rooked three time the flight from DXB-DOH and AUH-DOH

But I have the Swiss passport so didn’t have this privilege ;-)

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