UAE - Israel | A Historic Flight

Hey IFC! Today I and @airbus7447skyhawk attended @CaptainZac’s event where we flew from Abu Dhabi to Tel Aviv recreating the historic flight last Monday between the two countries. It marked a moment in history as the two countries signed a treaty allowing flights to operate between the two of them. As of today, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain have also allowed this flight to operate over their country’s air spaces as well.
So here’s info about the route:

Server: Expert
Airline/Aircraft: El Al B737-800
Flight Time: 3h 33m

Sitting at the gate as a B747-8 takes off into the early morning.

All three of us getting ready for the flight as the sun rises.

Lining up on runway 31L at OMAA

Turning towards Israel on this historic flight

Flying over Riyadh

Cruising over the red desert with the moon off in the distance

The Dead Sea near Israel’s Capitol of Jerusalem

About to touchdown on runway 08 at LLBG

Taxiing to parking as another plane lands with the moon setting

Parked at the terminal with a diverse range of aircraft

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You have gotten my attention. Not many can say that. 🤗

Love the photos! Hope you enjoyed the flight!

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Thanks! It was a very cool route!

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Love the photos and the flight was great, thanks!

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Thanks! Yeah that was a fun flight!

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