UAE 777-200 Canberra Int

Hey, that’s pretty good that another 777-200 is at CBR other than SIAs, BUT… I have a few questions!


  1. Why are they here?
  2. Why do they have a 772
  3. Why is the main question ‘Why are they here?’

P.S I used to be Hankthegamer


That’s weird. Never knew those aircraft could fly in there!

747-400ER VH-OEH came here when you guys had that bad storm, and teh pool went into the ocean.

Wow, that’s crazy! A 747 at an airport where 737s are flying in and out every half hour…

You mean hour lol, but we need more aircraft OTHER than 777 and 737. Preferably Airbus as we don’t get any

Oh yeah but that would need to be Jetstar, Tigerair or an A330 operator.

I probably shouldn’t say this but, the airports owner (Mr Byron)'S son said that a lot of aircarft wanna fly here

And they’re not letting them?

Not sure, I will ask him

And maybe ask him your above question. And if they will be affected by the Western Sydney Airport? If you can.

Ok, I any other questions

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Let’s continue on group chat to put this back on topic

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Emirates use the Boeing 777-200LR on a few routes to Australia and New Zealand - including Canberra although I might be wrong.


Sadly they don’t come to Canberra

Surprisingly tiger is wanting come here

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Wow, that’s great. But Virgin already operates there for them?

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