UA747 touring the canadian mountains

Good morning guys :) ,
I thought I posted this last night but I guess I didn’t . I had some schoolwork assignments I had to send in and I just barely got them in on time 😅. Anyway… I spent 9 hours and 30 minutes touring the canadian mountains on the TS. Here are some pictures from that :) enjoy :)
Also so sorry for the extra picture 😅. It would not let me get rid of it, but this is the only time ever I’ll go past 10 pictures :)


Please, 10 photos limit, thank.

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@Gabe_Z, if you didn’t pay attention to the text and just counted the photos.


Very nice pictures!

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I’ll try and see if I can edit the post in a second 😅 but I wanted to say thank you so much :) . I didn’t have my glasses on when I was adding them in. It happens :)

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Indeed, it happens. And nobody said its unacceptable not even by accident!

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And thank you so much again :) . It was an amazing trip. I loved taking these pictures :)

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I was taking some Dublin spotting pics yesterday… But sadly my device corrupted them for some reason.

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Awww :( well… I imagine you could try again and post them here too :D. I would love to see them as well :)

Here like… here? No sorry I’d have to my a seperate post about that. XD

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😂 Meant in the category yes. Also I did try editing the post but it was erasing the other pictures :o .

Wow, beautiful scenery. You have a flight plan or list of airports you used for this?

@SpeedPlayz @TRIavgeekMandy Please read the Information above.

Okay, let’s not fight about this. 1 picture over the limit doesn’t justify as it being over a thousand pictures. I’ve already seen that, but I think a little kinder would make it better.

Also, you can’t force him to do it, as apparently he can’t edit the picture out. The system keeps messing up.

Please, no fights. Continue in PM for later discussions.

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What do you mean she can’t edit the picture out? She can edit it. Another solution is make another post like Part 2.

Well, I guess, read it.

That climb rate in pics 2 and 3 is rather disturbing…

Your passengers ok…?


Don’t worry, they were alright :) . All passengers were given mints during take off and something to drink once we were completely in the air. It was the first time I had flown the 747 in awhile too. Today’s flight will be better :) .


“United 747 heavy, Houston Center. Clear to ISS Space Station, ETA 12min”😄👍🏽


Pictures 2/3: