UA5588 makes emergency landing at SAT; nose gear collapse

United Airlines operated by Skywest makes an emergency landing at SAT from a nose gear collapse.

searched thought someone posted it but couldn’t find. Hope its not duplicate


why i fly united, they seem safe qq

Wow, that definitely could have ended a lot worse! Well done to the pilot.


lol I got scared when I saw SAT… (if you’re in an American high school, you’ll understand why)

Just heard about this, it sounded really tense in the cabin before the landing.

That slide looks steep.

Haha is this supposed to be a competition?!😂

Why? Pls say

It’s a test that you sit - I’m not American but I believe it is a test similar to GCSEs etc. If anyone can confirm…
Let’s not go off topic though. If you don’t understand, PM me.


What’s GCSE ?

An Exam @DipperDolphin will explain

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