UA1126 IAH-DEN [Global Trip Review]

Hi there! Today I completed my first global flight! I recreated UA1126 from Houston to Denver on a Boeing 787-9 aircraft. Here’s a short flight review, some pictures, and my opinion on global.

I departed off of 15L in Houston, made a right 180, and started my climb to FL410. On the initial climb, I saw my neighborhood, thanks to the new 15m scenery! I departed around 8:00, Central Time. So the time changing as I flew added to the realism a lot. 7187D59E-5DEB-4B6B-84D0-1729805E1A88

As I was climbing out, I encountered some fog! It was a very dense blanket, and looked awesome. I can’t imagine all the time and effort put into making the fog look this real.

As soon as the fog had formed, it disappeared. By then, I was already climbing through FL200, almost halfway to my cruising altitude. Soon after passing through 20,000 feet, I reached 41,000. Up there, I could really admire the new scenery and graphics.

During cruise, I flew over a multitude of rivers, lakes, and beautiful farmlands. But the scenery quickly changed once I left Texas. More trees, more rivers, and more mountains! This was my favorite part of the flight, about 30 minutes out from Denver.

Before I knew it, I was beginning my approach into Denver. That is, in my opinion, one of the most scenic approaches from cruise altitude to landing. There is just so much to look at in Colorado. In just a few more short minutes, I was on final approach for 16L in Denver.

After a smooth landing and rollout, I taxied to my gate, and did a complete shut down, to cold and dark. The realism amazed me! Just look at the fan blades, the design is spot on!

Thanks for reading this, and I hope I can do more reviews such as these in the future!


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