UA101 IAH-SYD Live Inaugural Tracking

Hi guys, I thought I’d share this for a few reasons!

  • This is the inaugural flight for IAH-SYD with the B789, it is currently in the air right now and has just over 15 hrs 30 min left!

  • My dad is on this flight! As a HR for United (not to brag!) he presented the flight and via a speech to the public before the flight left, marking it as the inaugural, as well as sharing other info about the route, cities, and plane. This is the main reason I’m so excited!

So to bring the main point of this topic, tracking, here it is!

If you all are going to post telling me this is a duplicate of the other IAH-SYD topic just flag this instead, don’t ruin my excitement!


If your dads on the flight…


You got to beg him man… (For the future - Tahiti?!?) ;)

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Is this longer than DFW-SYD?

Hmm… This is the first service flight from Houston to Sydney in a 787? For united

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That’s awesome! Congrats to him; does he get first class? I couldn’t imagine having to stay in economy for 15 hours.

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I doubt it. DFW is north of IAH

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Yeah he does xD, he gets FC as a (hate saying this public honestly) SVP of Worldside Sales.

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It’s his work man, I don’t have time for a 15 hr flight with all the school stuff at this time of year! Plus I went on the Inaugural flight from SFO-AKL, and I’ve been from LAX-SYD with a 5 day stay in Sydney, so I’m not short on visits down under :D

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That actually makes it a slight bit longer if I’m correct, so this is just a tiny bit shorter because it’s farther east by a tiny bit as well.


Of course its already planned to be 45 minutes late, typical United xD

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I wish this flight was being operated a few years ago! It would have saved me missing my connecting flight (after a delay with United).

Sweet! I really wanna fly this, although I probably won’t be able to. This is the first flight to Australia from Houston, hopefully there will be more soon!

Also, if he ever flies outta Houston again, tell me, I’ll gladly go spot his plane!

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Cool stuff! Have you seen the announcement of the new Premium economy?

The first flight of UA101 is coming to an end in 3 hours after a long trek over the pacific, track it here right now!

I wish I could be there to try whatever delicious breakfast they’re probably serving in Polaris right now lol

He definitely will! He heads down there maybe once a month for work, I was born and lived in Houston for seven years ya know!

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Wish you could’ve gotten this flight xD, it was definitely a pretty special one.

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Will definitely be fun to use their flightplan in the future from FlightAware using Flight Plan to Infinite Flight!

I’m able to confirm this is longer than SYD-DFW!

  • Sydney-Houston, United Airlines, 13,850km
  • Sydney-Dallas, Qantas, 13,804km
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I did hear about that! Exciting news!

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Wheres the plane at now?