UA Flight 941 to KIAH

Hello IFC,
Today I did a late night flight to KIAH, hope you guys enjoy!
Cruising Alt- FL240
Livery: United
Aircraft- Boeing 737-900 (ER)
Server- Expert
FT 1:06

V1- Rotaté, as I call it lol

Cruising over the state of Louisiana at FL240

Commencing approach into a busy KIAH

Landing over runway 18L ( I think)

A landing that was everything BUT butter (lol)

Well, that’s it for this, hope you enjoyed!
Have a good day/night!


A very scenic route. Nice! More people should fly this route.

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Was the time of day actually that sunsity.

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No, it wasn’t

So you put effects?

Nothing wrong with that. I like the landing photo

Yeah, I did, thanks!

Was it a rip tail landing lol
I did KIAH-KIAD and I actually autolanded cuz I landed while I was in my school library lol

Realy nice picks. I love the last one

As Captain Canada says it 😏

Great photos! I love them all!

Nice pictures, I did the same route as you for fnf

Very nice photos. Liked.


Thanks for the support, sorry for the late response, I was asleep!