UA/Eco Demonstrator 757 being scrapped video

Found this while browsing thru

Interesting and sad:

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That looks like a Thomson/Arke/TUI aircraft not UA.

Ex-UA 757. I believe a TUI airline partnered with Boeing for the work so they got the airplane painted up similar to their airlines’ liveries

Oh ok. Thank you ever so much!

No!!! who can anybody watch something this horrible? The cruelty is unbelievable! :(

@B767fan No problem :)

@Nick_Art Sad but true fact about aviation. If it was something older and rarer such as the last remaining Delta TriStars in the desert being scrapped, that would be a huge damn shame.

Its hard for me to watch as the 757 is one of me favs!

RIP = whichever way you look at it.