UA B738 | Land of Oranges to Oil

Hey IFC! So today I attended an event held by @KSS at Santa Ana Airport in Orange County, California (Which of course is my favorite airport because it’s my home airport) The route I flew was KSNA-KIAH on the B737-800 in United’s New Livery. There were quite a few of us that attended this Flyout including @AviationFreak, @Kamryn, @Brody_Swiatek, @KSS, @ORD777flyer, @PilotChrisSG, @NFG_Daniel, @Bryan, @ouzi, and @Chuck_Aviation. (Sorry if I missed anyone or tagged someone who didn’t attend).
So here’s the info about the route!

Server: Expert
Airline/Aircraft: United B738 (new livery)
Altitude: FL330
Flight Time: 3 hours and 2 minutes

A Summer Sunrise at John Wayne/Orange County Int’l Airport

Sitting at Gate 8 at KSNA

Rocketing Out of Orange County, CA

Flying Over the Salton Sea Headed East

Flying over Phoenix, AZ at 33,000ft

Soarin’ Over El Paso, TX

The Oil Fields of Midland, TX

Descending as we Approach Final at KIAH

Floating Over the Numbers of Runway 15R

Parked on the Northside of Terminal A at KIAH

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Well the pictures aren’t as clear as when I edited them 😒

Dude they left me drooling!

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Great job! Love that new united livery.

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Thank you!

Thanks! There are really cool views going East!

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Nice Pic ❤

Hi! Unfortunately I missed this!

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That’s too bad!