U.S. to Ban Chinese Airlines from Flying to U.S

Amid the ongoing tensions with the COVID Crisis and tensions between the two countries economically and militarily, along with the Hong Kong issues, China will not allow U.S. passenger carriers to resume flights, and now the U.S. will do the same.

The Situation-China has not allowed ANY American Passenger carrier to resume flights to and from China. They do not intend to anytime soon because of the COVID and tensions between the countries. The US will now ban China (who currently is allowed to fly in and out) from flying in and out of the US.
Still breaking news, awaiting more details.


Woah there. Stuff just got real.

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Does this include Hong Kong?

I’m honestly not surprised. But I was expecting the US to do this sooner

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If it does, we may be able to expect a SFO-Macau route sometime soon. I’m saddened by the news but I’ll be rooting for a new Macanese superhub anyways.

So am I reading it wrong to say that this effectively means no more direct US-China flights? 😳

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Idk, the President is set to announce it this afternoon. I’d imagine with China tightening their grip, and the state department announcing it does not see Hong Kong as a two system one country anymore… it may include it… but I am not sure. Will find out more soon!

Supposedly starting around June 16…

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Ok. But as of right now is Hong Kong and China one country?

Legally (and according to China)? No. De facto? Yes.

They mean the same thing more or less… 🤔


Like @Big_Chungus said, it’s kinda complicated. Hong Kong is supposed to have independence for a few more years, yes technically under Chinese control, but not actually. Lol. It’s complicated.

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When will this take place because as of right now there are 2 China Airlines planes flying from Beijing to New York JFK

China Airlines or Air China?

If it’s China Airlines then they would be coming from Taipei, Taiwan.

Air China then I don’t know someone from up above said June 16 but can’t find it anymore

Sorry Air China 777’s

That’s the things they are taking issue with. Chinese carriers can fly here, but American carries are banned from flying to China. Beijing won’t allow it for multiple reasons. So possibly around the 16th of June.


I assume those flights will be allowed to land, refuel, and go back to their country.

It should be noted that China Airlines is the airline of the Republic of China, or Taiwan. This is where the old Chinese government went into exile after the communist revolution there. They will likely not be affected.

Air China is the state carrier of the People’s Republic of China, the one with the communist government and ruler of mainland China. They, however, will be affected.

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Wow that’s crazy, I wonder how long this may last, I think only one man can convey how important these bans are, so in the words of my man Phil Swift


China Airlines is Taiwanese, so they wouldn’t be affected by said ban.
Given the prevalence of SARS-CoV2 cases in the United States compared to Taiwan (which can still measure its recorded cases in the triple digits), I would be less surprised to hear that Taiwan is banning any US-bound or -inbound flights from landing in their country than this.

Yes I know

No, it shouldn’t. From the DOT filing, the U.S. is aiming this at Air China, Beijing Capital Airlines, China Eastern, China Southern, Hainan, and Xiamen Air. Nothing on Cathay Pacific.

Technically American carriers are flying cargo flights to China right now.