U.S. Navy - Boeing P-8 Poseidon

Actually 400ft above the ocean currently doesn’t make any sense because we have no detailed imagery yet.

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Well I dont know people can fly however they want. It was an example of real world operations. They also fly at 30,000 ft doing surveillance and reconnaissance if altitude and scenery is what you’re worried about. Feature requests are all subective. I work around them so I’m biased. They are more versatile than a regular airliner though.

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Some solid landing gear on them for the increased MTOW/MLW too! Bet they can take a bounce.

Seen these planes to many times in Jacksonville when I used to live there along with p-3s and f-a18s


So your telling me you don’t like p-3’s flying over your house at 1000ft at night? Lol

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Yep haha every hour every day

It kinda gets annoying when your sleeping I plans spot once in a while but it gets boring I never see another plane back in Jax only p8s

Yea you have to go to kjax to see anything different.

Voted for it :)

It’s based on the B737-800ERX

I had posted an article about the aircraft before but not a features request


That cool man I never saw that video.

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Yeah, and for once a 3 page article isn’t slammed with ads and actually informative


Keep the pressure on we need more votes.

Too bad they couldn’t add this as a “livery” with the 737 workup

They haven’t released the update yet so who knows.

Got my vote mate I was thinking of suggesting this also good stuff.

I wouldn’t mind a twist to the B737 family… 😎

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Here’s to hoping.

Basically that’s how they added the C-40B, a 377BBJ livery and C-32, 757 livery, KC-10A, DC-10F livery. Seems to be the norm.

They only thing that would have to change would be the raked wing tips.

I once saw this thing doing touch and goes at KPVD, very beautiful plane