U.S. Navy - Boeing P-8 Poseidon

The P-8A Poseidon (P-8A), the U.S. Navy’s newest maritime, patrol and reconnaissance aircraft is a multi-mission capable replacement aircraft for the legacy P-3C Orion. The P-8A is designed to improve an operator’s ability to conduct anti-submarine warfare; anti-surface warfare; and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions. Additionally, it’s combat-capable and provides warfighters added protection.

Designed to secure the Navy’s future in long-range maritime patrol capability, the P-8A has transformed how the force will man, train, operate and deploy.

The P-8A operates with a smaller crew, yet it also delivers an extended global reach, greater payload capacity, higher operating altitude, open-systems architecture and significant growth potential.

The major sensor systems include an APY-10 radar system, which was developed specifically for the Poseidon and features inverse synthetic aperture radar, and synthetic aperture radar. Additionally, the Poseidon carries an electro-optical/infrared sensor turret and has increased acoustic capability to conduct concurrent passive and active processing.

The P-8A Poseidon is responsive and interoperable with traditional manned forces and evolving unmanned sensors.


Primary Function: Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) and Anti-surface Warfare (ASuW), Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR)
Contractor : Boeing Defense, Space and Security
Propulsion : 2 CFM 56-7B engines with 27,300 lbs. thrust each
Length : 129.5 feet (39.47 meters)
Height : 42.1 feet (12.83 meters)
Wingspan : 123.6 feet (37.64 meters)
Maximum Gross Takeoff : 189,200 pounds (85,820 kilograms)
Airspeed : 490 knots (564 mph) true air speed
Ceiling : 41,000 feet (12,496 meters)
Range : 1,200 nautical miles radius with four hours on station
Crew : Nine
Armament : Torpedoes, cruise missiles

Program Status

Inventory : 64 (USN)
Projected Inventory : 111 (USN)

Initial Operational Capabilities (IOC) date : November 2013
Projected Full Operational Capabilities (FOC) date : 2023


Photo credit: US Navy

It’s be really cool if they added this, you have my vote


I was literally creating a request for this one. But don’t forget: One picture per feature request and a link to the page you found this image:

This would be awesome for a 737 Rework!
@art_martinez I recommend forwarding this to the GAF guys


I think it brings a whole different dynamic of flying to IF.

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They are reworking the 737 right now anyways right?

Yes, I believe they are 👍🏻

Got my first look at one of these up close last week at KCOS. Pretty impressive. Got my vote in for it.


They probably one of most unique aircraft in the world.

VOTED!! I had read about this aircraft before and I luckily got the chance to see and enter this plane up close, we chatted with some crew memebers that explained how the aircraft worked and what made it unique. I would live to fly around in this plane and use all of its unique functions such as flares! I really hope FDS notices this and possibly adds it in the 737 “mini rework”.

A few pics of this wonderful aircraft!


I’m sorry but I don’t think it’s necessary, unfortunately I won’t vote in this case

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Is it just me, or do the wings look like they are from a 767-400?! I love the design! Out of votes unfortunately.😒

Yes. They have raked wingtips that are very similar to the ones on the 764.

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What makes any aircraft necessary in your opinion? This is a unique aircraft, bringing a different style of flying to a community that likes to simulate aviation…

It doesn’t get more necessary.

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I got shown around one last week. Us Brits are getting them soon and the US Navy were kind enough to show me around in theirs. Impressive aircraft and would love to be able to use them in this game, imagine opening the bomb bay doors mid flight, would be a lovely touch.


I don’t know if I’d say unnecessary. Everything thing in IF is subjective. I know alot people that wanted the A350 but the devs said no.

No one said no to that. The devs understand how many people want it. You might want to search some posts regarding the A350 where devs and moderators reply to questions such as: When will the A350 be added, why they don’t add it, etc… I am sure you will change your opinion about it…

Back on topic now; Voted, really like this plane :)

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I just think there are more popular planes that do not exist in IF. I think first we need them

I agree, the lack of GA aircraft is a major flaw in IF. We have a ton of large planes

Yea I agree with you. We are lacking in that area. But the P8 is the only large aircraft that routinely flys at 400ft above the ocean. Like I said before it would bring a different type of flying to IF.