U.S. House of Representatives Passes FAA Reauthorization Bill

The U.S. House of Representatives has passed a bill that would give more rights to flyers in the U.S.

This bill still needs to go to the Senate before it is fully passed, which will probably happen around next month. It was passed by a vote of 393-13.

A few things the bill would do:

  • Force the FAA to set regulations on minimum seat size
  • Ban all airlines from bumping passengers who have already boarded the aircraft
  • Force airlines to be more descriptive on their websites with their explanation of compensation options for diverted passengers
  • installation of secondary barrier on the cockpit door
  • banning in-flight voice calls
  • Keep ATC public rather than private for the next 5 years

If passed in the Senate, the bill would stay in effect for 5 years.

Overall I think this bill is great for flyers. One thing I am very interested to see is what the minimum pitch requirements for seats will be. In the hypothetical situation that is 29 (which probably won’t be the case), it could really screw over ULCC’s like Frontier who provide such abysmal legroom to begin with.


Hm. This bill covers a lot of bases, ATC included. Guess the public v. privatization discussion is going to be tabled for a while now.


Got something in my email today about how minus the NDB, all other ground based aids will be here to stay long into the future.

No more NDB approaches are to be published, they should all be removed by 2030(? Can’t remember what it said), all VOR’s are past their useful life and the FAA is removing 380ish of them. Airways associated with a removed VOR will also be removed and not replaced with anything else. All ILS’s are also past there useful life, or maybe it was a really high percentage. I can’t remember that either but it’s an alarming number of them.

There was some other stuff but that’s what stood out to me.


I was scared for that issue, fortunately it was resolved.

  1. Good, about time budget airlines started to struggle
  2. Clever idea
  3. Yeh okay that will cause less lawsuits
  4. Isn’t one bullet and explosion proof door enough? Next they’ll start putting the CVR and FDR in the door
  5. What if we have to call loved ones while the plane spirals towards the ground?

What is so scary about privatized ATC? Just because Trump supported it?

It was backed by Southwest, UA, AA, and Hawaiian.


Yes the FAA needs to authorize a change from ILS systems to GPS systems (WAAS/RNAV approaches) for approach as with what is currently ongoing in Europe. Same with the waypoints replacing VORs/DMEs. Since airlcraft currently produced are continually relying more and more on direct point to point navigation coordinates instead of VORs/DMEs and GPS being just as precise for approaches especially at airports where there are obstacles that would obstruct the Glideslope and the ILS there needs to be a further push to replace these systems to further increase efficiency in the US airspace in an increasingly crowded national airspace

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Rip United haha

All jokes aside this looks like it was well needed as most of these things I can agree on, makes traveling easier

Even though I dont need to complain about seat pitch being 5’5,its good for a lot of people

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I would rather not have individuals paid by AA, DL, WN, and UA running ATC. I prefer government employees who are trained to put safety first. I don’t trust a company to do that. If anything, all these airlines have proven is that all they care about is money.

I’m not sure if you would be punished for it…


And you don’t think the government operated FAA run ATC currently is immune to lobbying?

ATC take their job very seriously. There is a big difference between employees being paid directly by their company vs government officials taking bribes.

This is not true, you probably wouldn’t know the difference between an FAA and a FCT tower in the states. The rules are the rules. You’ve also got DoD and military controllers.

We all take it as serious as the other.


What do they mean by making ATC public?

Company run vs government run


Yea, from what I gathered, the FAA doesn’t trust GPS enough yet.

Something about had been known to be unreliable yadda yadda yadda

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I was waiting for you to join this topic. It’s not that non-FAA ATC wouldn’t take the job seriously (fyi, when I said ATC, I was including those ran by the military), it’s specifically company ran ATC, with their own agendas and priorities, would not prioritize safety, which is the most important part of ATC.

Which is hilarious as they replace VORs/DMEs with GPS waypoints.

We currently have “company run” ATC in the states.

Advanced ATC

to name a few.

Something like 380 are being removed from the NAS. But any airways associated with them will not be replaced.

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