U.S Announces Tariffs on Airbus Planes Entering the US

They could, but where would this lead us?

If the United States were really to impose tariffs, which in this case would apply not only to aircrafts by the way but also to agricultural products, etc., the EU would take countermeasures.

If the USA imposes tariffs on Airbus, then it is very likely that Airbus will receive compensation in the form of state subsidies. If the EU then imposes tariffs on Boeing, Boeing will most likely receive subsidies as well.

In summary, we are back at the point where this drama started: Illegal subsidies from the state to the company. „Illegal“ being a funny word here, because this practice is handled one way or the other, whether in the EU, in China, in the USA or elsewhere.

The further development of this story will be extremely interesting and important. This isn’t just about aviation anymore, it’s about much more and that will define the relationship between two important allies.

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I suspect the airlines would be the ones eating up the tariffs so consumers don’t have to pay.

Highly unlikely, but if the difference is great enough for consumers to notice that flying on a Airbus aircraft is more expensive than flying Boeing, well expect to hear some social media “backlash” saying don’t fly Airbus.

I think it will likely be the manufacture absorbing the costs. Just discount the aircrafts more

Right. Either way I’m doubtful that consumers will see any type of change to their ticket price, based purely on aircraft type, if trariffs is what we’re talking about.

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Woah, Okay…

I just hope this topic doesn’t turn nasty and immature.

You can’t blame the US, the EU does the exact same thing. Everyone is rushing to provide for their people, protect industries and help them if possible


How much higher can the tickets get?

i know this is off topic but i have to throw there

Canadian Airlines:



I came here to say that, lol

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This will probably affect delta 😬

just for everyone’s info: this dispute predates the Trump administration


Right. IMO both sides are somewhat at fault. It’s typical bickering:

Europe gives Airbus illegal subsides. WTO rules U.S. could retaliate with tariffs. EU gets mad about those tariffs, and since Boeing also received illegal subsides Europe can impose their own tariffs if they want.
This has been around for a while. Yes, it’s escalated recently but it hasn’t been just started. The thing is that most of society doesn’t care to read the whole story and takes sides quickly.


I think this is ok, and some people will get mad. They need to realize though how real this is and as a company, Airbus really needs to make ticket prices higher.

It’s not Airbus that makes the tickets higher, it’s up to the airlines.

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I have little faith in this actually happening

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