U.S. Airways Virtual Presents: Phoenix Fly-Out! @ KPHX 181900ZMAY19

Server: Expert

Airport: KPHX

Time: 1900Z

NOTAM: Please be polite to all pilots, in the event and out of the event, especially ATC, if there is any.

Image Credit: https://bit.ly/2F1GQ97

@TylerShah and I are pleased to announce the start of the U.S. Airways Virtual Airline, and what better way to start a VA than with an event! This event is at Phoenix Sky-Harbor International Airport, what was the largest U.S. Airways hub. Now that American Airlines has bought U.S. Airways, all U.S. Airways aircraft have been repainted to American Airlines liveries, except for a few A320s, A319s, and E175s. If you want to join the U.S. Airways VA, look at this link on the IFC.

There are 3 terminals in Phoenix Sky-Harbor:

  • Terminal 2
  • Terminal 3
  • Terminal 4

Both in Infinite Flight and in real life, Terminal 1 is non-existant.

More information about Phoenix Sky-Harbor can be found here:

Let’s start with Terminal 2. Here is an image of it from Infinite Flight:

Here are the flights out of Terminal 2.

Terminal 2
Gate Destination ETE to Destination Airline/Plane User
Gate 01
Gate 02 KORD 3hr Spirit/A320
Gate 03
Gate 05
Gate 06A KIAH 2hr 15mn United/737-900
Gate 06B KIAD 3hr 45mn United/A320
Gate 07
Gate 08 KDEN 2hr United/A320
Gate 10 KSEA 3h Alaska/737-900
Gate 11

Let’s now take a look at Terminal 3. There is another southern complex in Terminal 3 but that is not in Infinite Flight.

The airlines that serve the northern complex of Terminal 3 are as follows:

  • Delta
  • Frontier
  • Sun Country
Terminal 3
Gate Destination ETE to Destination Airline/Plane User
Gate 15 KJFK 4hr 45mn Delta/737-900
Gate 16 KATL 3hr 15mn Delta/A321
Gate 17 KSEA 3hr 30mn Delta/E170
Gate 18
Gate 19 KSLC 2hr 30mn Delta/737-900
Gate 20 KCLE 3hr 30mn Frontier/A321
Gate 23
Gate 24 PHNL 6hr 45mn Hawaiian/767-300
Gate 25 KORF 4hr 30mn Frontier/A320
Gate 26

Terminal 4 is separated into four concourses.

  • Concourse A
  • Concourse B
  • Concourse C
  • Concourse D

Here they are in Infinite Flight.

U.S. Airways serves Concourses A and B. International airlines serve gates B23-B28. This includes:

  • Aeromexico
  • Air Canada
  • British Airways
  • WestJet

Southwest Airlines serves Concourse C and D. AirTran serves gates C11-C23.

Terminal 4 Concourse A
Gate Destination ETE to Destination Airline/Plane User
Gate A01 KASE 2hr American/CRJ-700
Gate A02
Gate A03
Gate A04
Gate A05
Gate A06 KCMH 3hr 30mn U.S. Airways/A320
Gate A07 MMMX 3hr U.S. Airways/A320
Gate A08 KSAT 2hr U.S. Airways/A320
Gate A09
Gate A10
Gate A11 KSLC 1hr 30mn U.S. Airways/A320
Gate A12
Gate A13 KGRR 2hr 30mn U.S. Airways/A320
Gate A14 KATL 3hr 30mn U.S. Airways/A320
Gate A17
Gate A18
Gate A19 KTPA 3hr 45mn American/A321
Gate A20 KCLT 3hr 45mn U.S. Airways/757-200
Gate A21 KORD 3hr 15mn American/A321
Gate A22 KLAX 1hr 30mn U.S. Airways/757-200
Gate A23
Gate A24
Gate A25 KSMF 2hr American/737-800
Gate A26 PHNL 6hr U.S. Airways/757-200
Gate A27
Gate A28
Gate A29
Gate A30
Terminal 4 Concourse B
Gate Destination ETE to Destination Airline/Plane User
Gate B01A KELP 1hr 30mn American/CRJ-700
Gate B01 KTUS 1hr American/CRJ-900
Gate B02 KDFW 2hr 30mn American/CRJ-900
Gate B03 KLAX 1hr 30mn American/CRJ-700
Gate B04
Gate B05
Gate B06 KDFW 2hr 30mn American/A321
Gate B07
Gate B08 KAUS 2hr 15mn U.S. Airways/A320
Gate B09
Gate B10 KOMA 2hr 30mn U.S. Airways/A320
Gate B11
Gate B12 KMKE 3hr U.S. Airways/A320
Gate B13 KDSM 2hr 30mn American/A321
Gate B14
Gate B15A
Gate B15B
Gate B16 KMTJ 1hr 30mn American/CRJ-900
Gate B17
Gate B18
Gate B19
Gate B20 MMMZ 2hr 15mn American/CRJ-900
Gate B21
Gate B22
Gate B23 CYYC 3hr 15mn Westjet/737-800
Gate B24 CYUL 3hr 45mn Air Canada/A319
Gate B25 EGLL 9hr 45mn British Airways/747-400
Gate B26 CYYZ 3hr 45mn Air Canada/A321
Gate B27
Gate B28 KMCO 4hr American/A321
Terminal 4 Concourse C
Gate Destination ETE to Destination Airline/Plane User
Gate C01 KBUR 1hr 25mn Souhwest/737-700
Gate C02
Gate C03
Gate C04
Gate C06 KHOU 2hr 30mn Southwest/737-700
Gate C07
Gate C08 KBUF 3hr 45mn Southwest/737-700
Gate C09
Gate C11 KICT 2hr 30mn Southwest/737-700
Gate C12
Gate C13 KMKE 3hr AirTran/737-700
Gate C14 KSJC 2hr Southwest/737-700
Gate C16 KDEN 1hr 45mn Southwest/737-800 @Luke_Sta
Gate C17
Gate C18 KOAK 2hr Southwest/737-700
Gate C19 KSEA 3hr Southwest/737-800
Terminal 4 Concourse D
Gate Destination ETE to Destination Airline/Plane User
Gate D01 KEWR 4hr 30mn Southwest/737-800
Gate D02 KABQ 1hr Southwest/737-700
Gate D03 KSAT 1hr 45mn Southwest/737-800
Gate D04 KSAN 1hr 15mn Southwest/737-700
Gate D05
Gate D06 KLAX 1hr 30mn Southwest/737-700
Gate D07 KMDW 3hr Southwest/737-800 @Joseph007
Gate D08

FBO Cutter Aviation Serves KPHX as well. These gates will be given via a request with the destination ICAO, the ETE (optional), and the Airline or livery/Plane

FBO Cutter Aviation
Gate Destination ETE to Destination Airline/Plane User
FBO Cutter Aviation 01
FBO Cutter Aviation 02
FBO Cutter Aviation 03
FBO Cutter Aviation 04
FBO Cutter Aviation 05
FBO Cutter Aviation 06
FBO Cutter Aviation 07
FBO Cutter Aviation 08
FBO Cutter Aviation 09
FBO Cutter Aviation 10
FBO Cutter Aviation 11
FBO Cutter Aviation 12
FBO Cutter Aviation 13
FBO Cutter Aviation 14
FBO Cutter Aviation 15
FBO Cutter Aviation 16

There is a cargo apron that serves UPS and FedEx.

Cargo Aprons and Ramps
Gate Destination ETE to Destination Airline/Plane User
South Cargo Area Ramp R01 KMCO 3hr 15mn Atlas Air/747-400
South Cargo Area Ramp R02
South Cargo Area Ramp R03
South Cargo Area Ramp R04
South Cargo Area Ramp R05
South Cargo Area Ramp R06
South Cargo Area Ramp 01
South Cargo Area Ramp 02
South Cargo Area Ramp 03
South Cargo Area Ramp 04
South Cargo Area Ramp 05
South Cargo Area Ramp 06
South Cargo Area Ramp 07
South Cargo Area Ramp 08 KNYL 1hr FedEx/C208
South Cargo Area Ramp 09
South Cargo Area Ramp 10
South Cargo Area Ramp 11
South Cargo Area Ramp 12
South Cargo Area Ramp 13
West Cargo Area Ramp 01 KSDF 3hr UPS (Generic)/767-300
West Cargo Area Ramp 02
West Cargo Area Ramp 03
West Cargo Area Ramp 04
West Cargo Area Ramp 05
West Cargo Area Ramp 06
West Cargo Area Ramp 07
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Why? Is it too far out so you don’t want people forgetting about it or something else?

??? What does that mean?


Gate Requests Will Now Be Taken.

I will take this gate. See you there!

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I’ll take D07 to Midway!

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@Luke_Sta @Joseph007 This event is being cancelled


Closed on request.