U.S. Airways livery for A319, A321, A330-300, and E190


U.S. Airways is my favorite airline and I’d love to have these liveries for IF in the future.
And If you’re bothered about the tag: It didn’t let me use it.

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why dont you put this in a Features request?

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It won’t let me. And it’s not the first time. It’s quite annoying.

but you are TL2

and maybe staff won’t let you publish the request or certain liveries, like the A330 one, which exists as a feature request

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It says I’m not “allowed to make new topics.”.

so you’ve made one already?

Many of these are already topics, so you could vote for those

I tried to.

Also, Where?

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It’s a category, not a tag :)
I would recommend you navigate to Features and make sure you read this topic if you wish to submit any future feature requests:


Well, close it then.

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