U.S Airways Express CRJ-700

(PC:US Airways Express CRJ-700 Charlotte - Mobile (X-Plane 9) - YouTube)
The U.S Airways Express CRJ-700 jet has had many liveries over the year.U.S Airways Express is flown by Piedmont Air. The fleet was later changed to American Airlines after the merge. This CRJ-700 in the U.S Airways livery I think looks very cool. The airline added the CRJ-700 in 2003 with the adding of USAIR Express in 1967.

Details of USAir
The hubs of the USAir fleet is

  • Charlotte international airport
  • Phoenix Sky Harbor
  • Philadelphia International Airport
  • Ronald Reagan International Airport
  • Los Angeles International Airport

Head Quarters were in Tempe,Arizona and the CEO was Doug Parker and CFO was Derek Kerr.

CRJ-700 Details

Maximum range at LRC, FAA 121, 220 lb. pax (100 kg. pax) NM SM KM
CRJ700 Series 701 (70 pax) 1,434 1,690 2,655
CRJ700 Series 701ER (70 pax) 1,732 1,993 3,209
CRJ700 Series 701LR (70 pax) 2,002 2,304 3,708

Mach kts. mph km/h
High cruise speed 0.825 473 544 876
Normal cruise speed 0.78 447 515 829


Length overall 106 ft 8 in 32.51 m
Wingspan 76 ft 3 in 23.24 m
Wing area (net) 760 ft2 70.61 m2
Height overall 24 ft 10 in 7.57 m
Fuselage maximum diameter 8 ft 10 in 2.69 m
Turning Circle 75 ft 22.86 m


Cabin length (excluding cockpit) 56 ft 8.5 in 17.28 m
Cabin maximum width (centreline) 8 ft 5 in 2.57 m
Cabin width (floor level) 7 ft 0 in 2.13 m
Maximum height 6 ft 2.25 in 1.89 m
Floor area (excluding cockpit) 396.95 ft2 36.88 m2
Cabin volume 2,430 ft3 68.81 m3
Baggage volume (checked and on-board) 812.7 ft3 23.01 m3
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