U.S Airways Express CRJ-200

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I would like to talk about an airline which unfortunately has stopped flying since American Airlines merged with them, US Airways, US Airways operated the Crj-200 to numerous routes around the US, and I think It would be an awesome addition to the crj-200, which doesn’t have many liveries on IF, I really enjoy flying with US Airways, so I think new liveries would be amazing, what do you guys think?


CRJ-200 history

Bombardier history

Livery picture


IMO the crj-200 needs new liveries, it’s such a good aircraft and has the highest quality standards of the sim, I think everyone would like to have this tiny plane with fresh new liveries!

Important if you want a certain registration you can comment it.

What are your opinions?

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I really like this livery

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truly one of the best liveries ever!


yes, I truly think it is!!! I flight it back a fourth for CLT and KCHA


Cool livery
Why couldn’t they have stayed separate 😭
(AA and US)
Dumb economy


As yes, seeing this bring back so many memories of when I used to go to the airport. The US Airways CRJ is something that brings back so many memories, I’d absolutely love to see it in IF someday!

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Very cool little plane

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I miss US Airways, was and always will be my favorite Airline, I remember flying with them in 2012, Denver (I think) to Somewhere in California A320, but I’ll try to clear a vote here.

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This livery should be added 🤩

The CRJs needs new liveries!

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