U.S. Airways A319 (Philadelphia Eagles Livery)

A bit of a classic here!

Photo is took by Chris Lankford


This livery looks really good.


Very nice livery!

Please make sure to place this kind of topics in #features :)


Yes this should definitely be added


What aircraft is it?

U.S airways A319…

Sorry earlier it didn’t show

Well, I would like this a lot more if they replaced the eagle with the flag on the tail and put the eagle right on the small flag on the fuselage. :-)

So nice. Definitely should be added

That looks amazing. Would definitely be a cool thing to have in IF.

That’s quite the livery you have there. The US Airways livery was good in itself but this is next level amazing. 😍

Oh wow! This is amazing!

This livery is so ironic now, American Airlines hub is Dallas Fort Worth, but the football team is the Dallas Cowboys who’s rival are the Philadelphia Eagles. And the Eagles livery now has the American title over US Airways, and I don’t believe American had a special livery for the Cowboys before they merged.
(Correct me if I’m wrong)
America’s first Footbal team livery is for the Eagles even though the Cowboys are its home team.

(Make sense?😂)

That is a very nice livery! That would look really nice in Infinite flight for sure!

Good livery request. Is it a special livery or is their multiple?

I love that livery! It looks great!

I think this is a special livery. It was the only one I think.

Looks like a great livery!

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