U.S air A321 gone?

I was going to fly a route with a U.S air A321, but it was gone? There are videos of the U.S air A321, so I’m confused.


This was before the rework most likely, before the rework this was the only livery on the aircraft.

It was a US airways A321 before the A320 rework. Now there’s only American

Are you sure you are not talking about the US air A320? I have been playing IF for a long time, never remember a A321

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I don’t think it’s gone?

So they didn’t keep the livery? 😒

It’s been gone for a while now, unfortunately.
Cool memories with that plane!


I love that livery, RIP

In 2014 there was an A320 family overhaul, that was when it was removed

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It came out in late 2015

You can still fly the US Airways livery on the A320. :)

The US Airways 321 hasent been in the sim since late 2015 it is missed lol

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I don’t remember there being this livery?

This was replaced after the rework and was added to the A320. (Don’t know if it was a replacement though.)

Yeah- they removed it a while ago. Not sure why, but they did a similar thing with the KLM 777-200ER. Although they added that one back.

I really wish they add it back in one day but until then we will have to wait.

Quick 2 questions:

Did the US Airways A321 exist in real life? Are the American Airline A321s with registrations ending in UW (eg. N169UW) the former US Airways A321s?

Is this it?
Photo credits:https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hv3g5_cPsjQ