U.K passengers could be banned from carrying laptops on U.S bound flights

Reports coming out today that U.K passengers might soon not be bring anything larger than a mobile phone onboard U.S bound flights. The U.S government is considering extending the electronics travel ban the to U.K and Europe. Under the ban, all items larger than a mobile phone would have to be checked in. The travel ban brought in for the Middle East earlier this year received a lot of backlashes and if it was extended to the U.K and Europe you would have a lot of unhappy Trans-Atlantic customers

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Okay, this got to be a joke. What are the government thinking?! One thing is the 7 countries, I can live with that (But not really), But I’m pretty sure this will make Americas tourism go down - I can’t survive 8 hours on a plane without my computer, not because I’m addicted to it, but because I can actually do something on it.

I really hope this is a joke, Please let it be a joke…


By the way, do you have any other articles? I don’t read The Sun.

Daily Mail any better?


Yes, Thank you! I just don’t read The Sun.


Well if laptops from the UK will be banned, why not every other country?

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This is it, I am moving to Canada. My new username will be VancouverHockey.


Don’t get discourage guys. That’s not how the US government works. Trump can’t just order to many laptops from UK flights.


As interesting as this conversation will probably get, please avoid getting political (not the place for it).

Also, this topic I fear is going to veer into non aviation related issues, such as terrorism and security, which isn’t appropriate for the forum.


Yes he can… he can definitely ban laptops through border security.

It already has and those comments have been deleted, so we don’t need to bring the subject up any more.


What I don’t get about this is, they’re implying that Gameboys and iPods are more dangerous than iPhone 7s.


And also, they’re encouraging you to check in your lithium-ion batteries, which totally can’t bring a plane down if something goes wrong, right? ;)

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Oh please, not again! I’m sure these would make travelling into U.S even harder as I’m sure there will be more countries to be included on this list. I know it’s for safety purpose but why should they have take this measure? I meant someone can even threaten to blow up an aircraft with an iPhone (Egyptair Hijacking).


I think there must of been a big security threat found by the agencies. The nz government are even proposing to add these rules on flights to Qatar and Dubai

I don’t know whether to get to involved in this as I probably will never fly to the U.K. or Europe but this still seems just a wee bit silly.

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Maybe instead of ‘Vancouver hockey’ ‘VN_HOCKEY’??

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Anything would work, lol

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I have the feeling one day I’ll be controlling and I’ll just hear an aircraft calling in with the call sign *Victor November Hotel Oscar Charlie Kilo Echo Yankee"


Lol that would ironic!