U-2 Dragonlady

Imagine how amazing it would be to have an aircraft that is actually built to fly above 50,000ft.

The U-2 is America’s longest serving surveillance plane.


just a question, what is the max altitude?

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if its a surveillance plane, i expect it too go very high!

Just found it is a duplicate. The original post was hidden undeer 15 posts about US and United Aircraft. I do apologize I searched but not that as extensively as I should have.


thanks for the post nonetheless

tjis is one of my favorite spy planes!!! love it, think it would be so cool, to see it :)

The mods could use this when patrolling the servers to check the flying and controlling taking place. 😎


I watched a documentary on it one time and it said it can reach 70,00 feet. My person opinion is that it can probably fly close to 100,000 feet high

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Just no. Nobody will operate it correctly. Also, there are only a few knots between stall and mach speed in the altitude this things operates. People wont know how to fly this.


I thought about posting this exact thread yesterday lol

Worth a try none the less !

Thats right dude!

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This is a unique and ideal aircraft for infinite flight.

Infinite flight focuses a lot on high altitude flying and the U-2 would be ideal. Imagine being able to fly at the edge of space in infinite flight in complete peace?! A cool “camera” view can be added so we can use the U-2s onboard camera to take beautiful pics in global.

Furthermore it’s the most challenging plane in the US arsenal to land. That would make this plane awesome for those wanting a landing challenge. You have my vote!



Got to see one in Alaska this summer, It was insane how fast it climbed!

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