TYTY's ATC Tracking Thread - [closed]

And for if you want to know how it’s like to be an IFATC controller then read this interview about me.

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First of all, thank you @Edivan_dcds for flying at EDDW and for the Feedback.

The transition altitude was a clear mistake from my sight, there is no way to say something else. I just have to read again and next time I will know it better.

After work I will take a look to ATC Manual and in the evening I will be in the Tower again to train more to get more knowledge.

Thanks again for your feedback, I would like to welcome you again at EDDW soon

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I will be open @Eddw now, tower/ground on TS

@Edivan_dcds atc manuals is a lot to read :o

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Do it in steps. First, try to read all the ground stuff and practice on it. Then the tower basics. You don’t have to read the radar section at first.

I will come by :)

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Sorry I disappeared

Ground commands were good I requested frequency change on purpose to see what you would do

Air every aircraft gets a pattern entry sequence and landing clearance you did not sequence @Edivan_dcds I would suggest this post.

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First of all, thanks @Sashaz55

What step did i miss? If i remeber it correctly, I gave hime (in this time) left traffic and later, when the runway was clear again I told him follow left downwind rwy 27 cleared for the option. I dont understand what you mean, I will have a look to the replay and hope that you can describe it a little bit better

Also, thanks for joining in and the Feedback, hope to see you soon again

Hey there,

  • Transition altitude was wrong again. Add 2500ft to the airport elevation so the transition altitude should be 2500ft because the airport elevation was 34 so round it up to 0ft and add 2500.

  • As Sashaz55 said, you should give have given me a sequence.

  • when I requested frequency change on ground, you responded good with “I was already instructed to change frequency”. Idk if I saw, but did you send on guard to an aircraft on ground while you was tower? I guess he was taxiing to the rwy so don’t send him that.

  • as I said, read the manual in steps, I would recommend you to first read the tower sections. This is isn’t the easiest to learn so if you want to know how the most important things work, read it!

If you want me to be there next time, tag me!

Hey @Edivan_dcds

Yes you heard it right, and i was just tipping too fast on my screen, on ground i gave him “stay on my frequenzy” and “i’m sorry” so he stayed on ground and continued taxi.

Now i understand what he meant and next time i will try that.

I am so thankful to you that you are coming again and again to help me. Transition will be 500ft higher next time.

Thanks for the feedback, safe skies!

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It is not announced, but i will open at Eddw Ground/Tower

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Dropping by now!

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Coming now!

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Soo, I was NKO526,
Sequencing and clearences where good!

Remarks: When I requested a runway change you told me unable… was there a acceptable reason for that?

Once I had landed you didn´t give me ´´exit runway´´ untill I had reached the end of the runway!

Sequences/clearences can come faster, no need to withold them ( It will help you when you have a full pattern )

Thanks for the patterns


Thank you for the feedback @Flying_Pencil

RWY 23 is there for Takeoff only. This runway is only one way, no landing and only takeoff on 23 because there are buildings that would be in your way and IRL it would be too dangerous

When you landed I was a little bit confused because I havent got the information “full stop” so I thought first that you will touch&go so I interacted with the CRJ on Ground . After that I saw you slowing down and told you “exit runway right, …”

Thanks for the tip with faster Sequences/clearances. Next time I will know them even better and I will be able to give them faster.

So thank you for everyone who was there, with more traffic like today it is a little bit more challenging and I have even more fun sorting the planes and bringing them safe up and down

Ok, thanks for letting me know, I am no Bremen Airport Expert, let me advise you that your IFATC practical test will be at a airport with 2 runways ( both used for Arrival/Departure) so maybe choose a different airport next time.

I think I have a good plan, learning at a small airport and then going up to bigger airports like Hamburg International or Berlin Tegel.

Thanks for the information @Flying_Pencil

You OPEN?or not?

Closed a minute ago xD

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Please close your main tracking thread at the top as well if you have left.Thanks!

I chnaged it to close after i left. I wanted to close but then 2 planes were on ground so i stayed active and been Tower/ground until 5mins ago, left the ATC and went straight to the forum

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