TYTY's ATC Tracking Thread - [closed]

First I just tried out beeing an ATC, now I decided to give it a try, I want to learn how to communicate with pilots and the meaning of everything, in the future, I want to be a part of IFATC.

My training airport for the next weeks will be EDDW, here I want to learn at an airport with one mainly used runway and a maximal aircraft size around A320/B737 to be able bringing you and your passengers safe to the ground

Status: closed

Airport: EDDW

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Hey there mate, you have to change the title!
Check this for ATC Training:

I would change your title, but I’m not able to do it.
Even so, have a good day and enjoy your practice!

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@TYTY’s ATC Tracking Thread @EDDW - [OPEN]

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Thank you @anon45851224, I will read through that and then i’ll make a plan how I want to start getting Atc knowledge

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I can’t join now for giving you some feedback, but I give you an advice, watch all the tutorials from the IF YT Channel, they explain really well the concept.

They have help me a lot, I promise you.

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Hi Tyty
I would recommend watching the tutorials, as suggested above before requesting pattern work.
Also you seem abit distracted?
Can I ask why rw 09?

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Hi @Jersey_Paul

RWY 09 is mainly used for departure when only GA is at the airport and when the wind is calm like today. When the wind chnage, runway 27 will be used but that is paired with longer taxi time. RWY 23 would be a second option for GA when a lot of traffic is there.

And yes, I was a little bit distracted by my own brain, I tried to think what everything means and what I have to tell the pilot. I think I will take a longer look to the tutorials to learn all the basics first. Possible I need more knowledge for the beginning

And thanks for joining in and the feedback!

Ok no problem, will keep an eye out if you’re open after checking the tutorials.
All the best

I have been up today in the morning early and started learning and watching tutorials.

At 11:00 Zulu I will open Ground/Tower at EDDW, would be nice to have Traffic there

Open @EDDW, Bremen for at least 30min, if there is traffic I stay much longer, maximal 2 hours until 13:00Zulu

I’m gonna stop by

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Job job for the time I was there… sry I had to run

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One question that come into my idea at the moment, for pattern work, do I have to clear him every time for the option or not?

Yes you have to clear the aircraft for the option in each approach/pattern.

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N561jv here was in the TBM.

Yes! Every time. You missed the second pattern I did so I went around, you gave me the pattern but did not clear me until I called for the full stop. Even after the go around you need to give a new sequence (if other aircraft are inbound) and a new clearance.

Thank you.

Exactly the clearance confused me a little bitx have been flying patterns in the morning and there it was again different. I remember that and again take a look to the tutorials, next time I will know that and be much faster at giving clearances.

Thanks for flying @lurker and the tips

I will be open Tower/Ground at Eddw {TS} at 18:15 Zulu, would be nice to get some traffic, i also feel ready for pattern works, this time with less mistakes

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Hey buddy, I have to go now. I will give you feedback in an hour.

You made some mistakes which I will explain later!

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No problem, I know how to wait. I think I already know one xD havent found transition calls after I cleared you for 12000ft or higher and there I just need to find out how I can change transition height level after such a mistake.

I think it was alright sending away the 777? Bigger than A330 is too big for Bremen.

Alright I’m back.

To answer your questions first. If you want to know which aircraft can fly on an airport check out ifatc.org. Here you can enter the airport (for example EDDW) and I see both planes cannot fly at this airport.

Secondly, the transition altitude was way too high. The transition altitude should be at “2500ft above aerodome level which basically means above the airport elevation. For example an airport has an elevation of 1484 so let’s round it up to 1500ft. Then add 2500ft which is gonna be 4000ft. This should be a perfect transition altitude.

  • you shouldn’t send an on guide warning to the inbound aircraft which was called PINKY. He was a bit far away from the airport. If the aircraft is really getting close to the airport or you want to know his intentions then I would suggest to warn him to contact you.

  • when someone is doing a pattern and he’s already instructed to make left or right traffic then don’t tell it again if I have to do right or left traffic again. For example: you cleared me for take off and told me to make right traffic, then don’t say it again when you clear me for the option, unless you want me to make left traffic.

After all, you understand how patterns entries work and some tower basics. Also, I would recommend you to read the ATC manual which contains all the information if you want to know everything about ATC in IF. You can also watch the tutorials on YouTube, but I think the manual is more clear about what you want to know.

Let me know if you have more questions ;)

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