TYTY's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

This is now my second Topic for my ATC training, like always, it would be lovely if you join my sessions to give my the chance to learn as much as possible. I am now back to get up and become a IFATC.

My Airport where i will be possible seen very often:
-EDDW, Bremen Airport, one majour runway ( 09/27 Main Traffic in both directions) and a small runway (23/05) that is only used for takeoffs on 23 and has got a size restriction. Airport can handle aircrafts up to A330 size.

-EDDH, Hamburg Airport, two Majour Runways, i would say everything fits in here, even Emirates operates a A380 on their evening slot to Hamburg at the moment. The Runways (33/15) are often used for departure or (23/05) for in and outbound traffic.

It will be rarely that i open ATC outside of Europe for the next training weeks/months.

My first idea to get some training is Brussels, there i will stay for the evening, possibly once i will pause for half an hour, but i will stay as long as you want to use my service.

Save sky and see you soon!


Ola! Are you still active, or not? If not, please update your thread… I always forget to update it too xD

Had been stopping a minute ago, i havent forgot it

Accually it had been a longer session but also more traffic than i had been used to:

B777 to London
B748 to Berlin
B777 to London
A319 to Manchester
B738 to Alicante
A319 to Amsterdam
B789 to London
A319 to London
B789 to Birmingham
B789 to London
A320 to London
A321 to London
CRJX to London
A319 to London
B748 to Madrid

CitationJet from London
B777 from Zurich
DH8D from Stuttgart
A320 from London
A319 from London
B777 from London
A320 from London
A319 from Luxembourg
ERJ195 from London

TBM Pattern Work
A321 Pattern Work

Thanks to all who have been there, but also i had been seeing a lot of bad pilots…

I was the B789 to Birmingham. Great ATC controlling. Tell me when you go back on would love to do some Brussels airline hops

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@Zak_Plant i am back in some minutes, just had been under the shower and had been eating. Thank you very much, i try to do it as good as possible, but some dont understand what they should do, but thats normal on TS

Yep its normal

After i had seen some mistakes from my side yesterday, i will now open ATC G/T (Training Server) in EBBR again to train a little bit, it would nice to see some of you in the next 1 or 2 hours

In 30 minutes at 17:30 (GMT) i will open Tower ans ground at EDDH (Hamburg Fuhlsbüttel) to improve my ATC Skills, i hope to see some international traffic and a bit of GA, i havent had 2 or more GA planes under control for a long time, most of the time one landed while the other made some Pattern Work.

If i delay by 5 minutes, dont panic! I will be there today

It looks good today, landings will be at 23, takeoff will be 23/33

Hope to see you soon, safe sky!

I’ll once try again to get some operations, today i will be once again in Hamburg, Ground and Tower. It would be nice to see some of you there!

Safe skies and a nice day!

Approach RWY 23, DEPA RWY23

After a nice evening in Barcelona i want to get further with my training so i am opening ground and tower in Hamburg, EDDH

Lovely, thank you, I am thankful for every plane that I see up here in northern germany

Will join you in 5 mins

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Uhh I have to learn a bit, havent been atc for two months, even I see that

Hi, thanks for the ATC service at EDDH!

Some feedback:

  • You cleared me for pushback in my TBM (not capable of pushing back). Make sure the aircraft requesting it is actually able of pushing back

  • One thing that is extremely important as tower, especially when multiple aircraft are flying patterns, is sequencing. Make sure to always sequence every inbound aircraft (if there’s more then 1) before clearing them to land/for the option.

  • When an aircraft calls inbound, give them a pattern entry instruction and if needed a sequencing, before clearing them to land/for the option

  • Before landing I reported that I was on final, full stop. You then cleared me to land, but I was already cleared for the option. No need to give a double clearance. Clearance for the option also includes clearance to land.

Anyways, good job and thanks again for the service!

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Hey, thanks for controlling. Its okay, we have all been there.

General Feedback:

  1. The transition altitude: EDDH is 53 feet, pattern work is 1500 feet, so 53+1500+1000 ft separation is 2553. You gave me 3000, 2500 would have worked fine, 3000 is a little safe, but it still works.

  2. Learning to use pattern instructions and sequencing is very important and will be something you should practice specifically for in tutorials and in your next tracking threads. I did not receive pattern instructions or sequences, only direct clearances. All planes that are inbound for landing / touch & go or that request a runway change must be given a Pattern, then sequence, then a clearance (in that order). For aircrafts remaining in the pattern, they should be given a sequence and clearance, This will insure that you and both the pilots have early visibility on who is following who, and for you to be able to manage your traffic efficiently.

  3. When controlling, always have ground awareness to insure that you catch potential conflicts (in this case me on final while a plane was still on the runway), which I called a go around for.

  4. When controlling planes with many different characteristics, make sure that you can anticipate potential conflicts. Eg. AFKLM363 (a TBM) was on right downwind 05, and I was told to make right traffic with an A350, a much faster aircraft. Here I could have easily caught up with him, and to avoid this you can either give me left traffic given there was no conflict, or cleared him number 1 to let him turn base before I was able to go on the downwind.

  5. You had cleared me number 5 with a large gap between the traffic. Using space is important in controlling and you could have resequenced me for number 3 to fill in the gap as I was number 5 for runway 05

  6. Lastly, issuing a maintain slowest practical speed to AFKLM363 is not necessary. As he already knows who to follow, it is the pilot’s responsibility to maintain separation, and this could be seen as over controlling.

Thanks a lot for controlling, and good job! Looking forward to the next threads

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Just a correction to your comment. After he clears you for T/O for pattern work for a runway, if you are landing on the same runway then he can clear you for the option without giving you a make left / right traffic. After you are given the make right traffic in your takeoff clearance, it is expected that you maintain that traffic on every landing until told otherwise (As long as you are doing touch & goes on the same runway you were cleared to). So here, he did the right thing :)


so first of all, thanks for beeing there and also thanks for the good feedback.

@MaxMann so to begin with your feedback, for nr1 i was too fast, i gave pushback clearence, though something like: “wait a tbm cant get a pushback, he have to, ouh yea he requested taxi already”, o saw that mistake in the same second where i gave the pushback clearance.

on Nr2 and 3 i’ll come back later and with Nr4, thanks for the information, so a “Roger” is enough and then i only have to give the “exit runway when able” ?

Than @Eseriess i gave right traffic because i had planned to move traffic to RWY15, but with 5 planes approaching i wasnt confident enough to change runway, i have to use that another day. With left traffic i would have get some problems with close calls between aircrafts.

@TheCommentator for Nr1), with 3000 i feeled save, because underneath the plane i saw another plane moving. Nr2/4/5/6 i:ll come back later. for NR3, i was very cinfused there, the Eurowings A320 should taxi to RWY5 but he directly went on the runway and took off, i tried to get him down off the runway but the just gave full thurst and left Hamburg,

Then the feedback points that i havent answered were all something about sequencing, there i still have a big problem, i am happy about the feedback, because with my 422 operations i am not that far away from the 500 operation limits that i would need, but i think i would train a bit longer before starting to try to become a IFATC. I need to learn how to sequence and give the right instructions to the right type of plane.

Thank you again and i hope to see you all again soon.

That is correct. The option includes a landing, so no second clearance is required. :)

Wow, one day ago i was atc in IF at EDDH, now i am spotting at EDDH IRL, i think i can learn some of the prodecures