Typing in callsign under GA section

Hi y’all,

I love IF and choose it over X plane, and am trying to get my friend on it, but…when inputting a new callsign, the app stops responding and thus, I have to restart


  • iPad mini 4
  • IOS 13
  • Strong wifi
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That’s weird…

Hardware and iOS should be fine.

I assume he tried this more than once and the problem is consistent.

Could you get us some screenshots?



I’m no tech expert but maybe try checking your storage and if there is not that much space maybe try freeing some space up. I remember when I had the mini 3 and it sometimes stopped with IF responding because my storage was full.

Got half storage left over. Also, I can’t send screen recordings on here, so no screen use at all for that one. Anybody else got solutions?

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@Planeviation and @azeeuwnl thank you for attempting to help :)

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Maybe try deleting and re-installing IF. Let me know if that helps!

I will try that, but I don’t wanna loose my replays :(

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Yeah that is true…

I am planning to catch some screenies for later, but maybe these mods can help me. Can any of you remake this?

Remake the topic?

Anyways, I am having other issues I.e Apple Watch not working so now is not my luckiest lol

No, recapture how to do it. As in cause the app to stop working using the callsign under the general aviation part

lol, Oof 😅

Check the title now. This is what I mean. Might try recreating it tomorrow as I don’t wanna loose all the XP on my fly out, so I have to type in the callsign BEFORE the event happens :(

No, this issue as never happened to me so I don’t know to remake this or how to make it happen again…

Oof, someone with a mini 4 can try recreating it?

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Reboot your device, does it still happen?
Does it happen every time you are typing your callsign?
Are you on the latest iOS and Infinite Flight?

After rebooting device, yes
No but happens half of the time
Yes and yes

Also sorry but I just woke up

What specific device are you on? Is it the ipod mini 4?

iPad mini 4, and it’s only 4 years old (2016 Christmas), but my 6 month iPhone 8 works just fine :), so i don’t see anything here as to why this happens