Typical Playground moments

Just wanted to share this one with you, I cannot be bothered with PG controlling. Thanks to all the pilots who listened. I think the best course of action is to just ignore the ones who don’t and rise above it. Even if it’s annoying as hell having the constant yellow flashing.


Or you can become an advanced controller. Easy fix.

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I don’t have the time to dedicate to full time ATC for training etc. Just like giving a correct service for playground who pay attention. I would like to do advanced but don’t think I’ll get in.

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You don’t have to train for Advanced ATC if you know how to do it.

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I didn’t know anything when I first started with If, I didn’t know what anything did so I basically just experimented with everything, now I can fly perfectly. I know nothing about ATC so I’m trying to learn that but it’s not going well

When they don’t listen 👌


That’s what I do when they spam me a few times and don’t listen, it’s very effective 😂

Yea it is also a good way to relive stress


Haha love it mate.

@Thomas_Oehrling give it a rest bud. Your constant chatter becomes tiresome.

Another day another noob

I have always wanted someone to do that to me or escort me but it still hasn’t happened… I cry every night 😰

It wasn’t an escort I was landing and on final the noob started following

And the race is on!

Was there a 747 in a generic livery?

Still I would love that to happen, I have done it with someone else before, call it flight of 2 but for passenger jets.

…and the guy is a Grade 4 too!!

I know so am I

Then again this happened to me on advanced planes wouldn’t give me way and continued to taxi into me so I had to pushback and let them all go because they are to impatient

I didn’t pushback until the mayhem was done