Typical Pax and Baggage Weights

Hi everyone, what default weights do you use for your flight planning?

I know planes in IF use ~77kg/pax but internet sources give me different numbers.

Baggage too, I fall back on 25kg (checked + carry on) but is this representative of real world flying? Majority of my routes are in southeast/east asia so there might be a different trend here.

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I just use SimBrief. I’ll do a little research on what the passenger load on the aircraft I’m flying for whatever airline I’m flying under, enter that pax number in simbrief, and it gives me the load rhat would accurately represent how the irl load might look (also calculates your fuel and some other things) happy flying!


Good question, given that aircrafts carry not only PAX/luggage but also proper cargo, which can vary greatly.

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You can also add more cargo in simbrief to mimic this

I use 80kg for pax and 25kg for cargo.

I just press normal and then just change my fuel 😭!

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