Typical Journalistic Aviation Reporting

Go on then, you lot. Have at it.

Spotted this while SCROLLING through my news feed before bed tonight. Something seems awfully wrong with this article…

Shows how much the British mainstream media cares about aviation, sadly.



They don’t care about the aircraft, unless one crashes, as long as it has the right name and look they will use anything…


Ikr, such a shame. Good fun for us aviation nuts tho - something in my head triggered when I saw the 737 in these colours haha!


I don’t see what is wrong with it. I am not great at identifying these things sadly, can someone point it out?

Edit: I see it now.

No specific aircraft was mentioned, and while it is an old livery and an old picture, it explains it otherwise perfectly correctly. easyJet operated 737s at one time (they may have even been all-737, but I’m not sure). I’m usually one to point things incorrect things out, but nothing about this is wrong…


easyJet haven’t flown the Boeing 737 for a number of years, yet The Mirror features the above photo in an article today implying it’s a current aircraft

Oh. Well that is the mainstream media for you.


Found some more flops. (Not photoshopped)


It’s an article about easyJet, and they showed you easyJet. It had nothing to do with aircraft type, fleet renewal, or anything that would warrant the need for an up-to-date photo. I see what you mean about it being implied, but it doesn’t make a difference in getting the message across. If it said “An Easyjet A320” instead of what the caption is, that would be a different case. No one will show up to an airport, be like “Oh, I’m flying easyJet”, and then be confused when their plane doesn’t exactly resemble the one shown in this article.

@Mattheus provided some good examples of contradictory statements, which are pretty much the main thing they do. But again, in your case, the picture matches the message


I would, but that’s just me being me. Don’t get me wrong - I agree with what you’re saying 100%! I’m not trying to call the article out for lying or anything, I’m more just posting this so we can have a bit of a laugh at it!

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And of course… the classic.


They were sent false information.

I don’t see the problem with this one

Edit: Ho Lee Fuk I see it now! Sum Ting is definitely Wong with that ;)


I thought you were joking 😂

Sum Ting Won

(Something Wrong)

Wi Tu Lo
(We Too Low)
Ho Lee Fuk

(Holy ****)

Bang Ding Ow

(Bang Ding Ow)

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At least they’re not like the Americans who’d claim that’s a jumbo jet

Don’t worry, I’d heard about it before and got it. Just making a little joke lol

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Wow, glad there are some people out there who still haven’t been watching @Swiss that much because he uses this DEAD (as in not funny) joke like every video 😉

Anyways I really don’t care about these media blunders. As in there are so many I’m so used to them. Wonder how much I could get paid by fact checking them before they air this information 🤔

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Haha I don’t wait him at all (oops). Don’t see the value in 20 different “Worst 3 Simulators” videos

Sidenote, @Kian_Abbasi, this was an American station, so…

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Such a big deal